Welcome to the Trybe Team:

Founders and Lead Developers:


Tom Norwood – Founder


Rudi Yardly – Lead Developer


Nathan Rempel – Lead EOS Developer


Vinay Paudel – Developer

 Tom Norwood has over 15 years experience in entrepreneurship, running his own digital marketing agencies, online schools, and web development teams.

Rudi Yardley is a software engineer with over 18 years experience. Highly focused on delivering quality rich online applications, exceptional user experience and maintainable software of the highest calibre.

Nathan is well-known in the EOS community as the lead developer of the EOStoolkit.io as well as one of the founding members of the Genereos Block Producing candidates.

Vinay has over 12 years experience in website development – and has developed over 1000 WordPress websites (The MVP of Trybe is built on WordPress)


Content Creation and Community Management:


Luke Phoenix – Content Creation and Community Management

Luke Phoenix is a content creator with 5 years writing experience and white paper analyst.


Matt Haynes – Content Creation and Curation

Matt is an EOS enthusiast and blogger who enjoys breaking down complex projects in a fun and digestible manner while being a very active member in the Trybe community.