Among all the peers there are mainly two kinds of ways to generate the result.

Validation Afterwards

Like eosbet, betdice, eosjacks, bigGame, eosMax and most other DApp gambling apps, they generate the random number using certain algo on their own hosted server.

Theoretically, if the numbers generated can be verified, it’s trustworthy. But in the real world, it’s still possible for the platform to cheat against players.

For one, no one would actually check the validation process after each roll, or each game. It’s possible that the house can trickle a little bit for certain transactions to work better towards itself.

Secondly, house can manipulate a small set of transactions, especially for high-value bets to lose, but give extra edge for smaller bets to win. Overall the players’ statistical distribution will still look normal.

After all, you play first, you lose your token first and only afterwards you can try to find whether you are cheated or not.

Validation Beforehand

Like eosplay, Kuai3, eosFun, and EOSHash included, they use block hash of the eos mainnet. The random number is not generated by the gaming platform but by the 21 Block Producers of the EOS network.

Some might argue, that the block hash can be hacked using specific tricks. But if someone would do that, he firstly must be a very good hacker and knows a lot. Few people can do that.

Secondly, if the hacker would do it, he would do good to himself rather than help the house cheat against the players.

Overall, being a player at this kind of games, usually can be very confident that the house can not control the random number generation process, and they own a peace of mind when betting high value.

EOSHash currently has the lowest house edge among its peers, for lottery game, the house edge is 1.9%, while the other platform has 2%.

Also, EOSHash has it’s own token economy and shares 15% of it’s house edge to the HASH token holders.

It has a jackpot system running everyday as well.

Lowest House Edge

The jackpot system and the dividend payout further reduces it’s house edge. It’s roughly 1.5%, consider 3% rebate if you play via a parnter link and 15% dividend payout.

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