Welcome to a Dapp running on the Steem Blockchain called Actifit, and has been up and running since a couple of months. Being a Dapp, it means that in comparason to other fitness trackers out there, this one is something different. In the fitness boom that has already occured, combined with the new trend of ‘wearbles’, it seems that Google have managed to do it again in controlling the main market by collabarating with a well known product – FitBit

Yet again Google has its dirty paws in something that users believe is designed to benefit them, when in fact its just another tool designed to collect all the data on your daily habits.

 I personally have never used a  Fitbit device.

Firstly you must pay for it, and then you enter activity’s you were doing like exercising, sleeping times and what food you ate. The FitBit has various models now, and some apparently don’t have a GPS built in – but beware – it links with your phone’s GPS and well, whats the difference? There are huge profits to be made by collecting data to sell to advertising company’s and we havent yet seen the full effects of this  – but I am sure will do in the coming years.

Thanks to @mcfarhat on Steemit, there is now an option to use a decentralized fitness tracker that is just recording your movements, even if your activity for the day was just shopping or moving around the office – both of which are options to choose as Proof Of Activity and eligable to be rewarded with tokens. All the information you hand over is voluntary instead of a device tracking it all.

Lets now go check out the Actifit app, available to download on both Android and Iphone.

To start using the app, first you must download and install it for the app store or google play store. You can also go to www.actifit.io but either way you will have to sign up by obtaining a Steemit account. Since the latest hard fork its now much easier to get your Steemit account. If you have a Steemit account then go ahead and just log in and if you don’t have one, why not?!

I was lucky enough to see when actifit had newly started and happily delegated 300SP to them in return for daily payments of 1:1 ratio of SteemPower to Actifit Tokens which, by the way, is still on offer but has been reduced by nearly 30%.

We are waiting for Smart Media Tokens to start up in 2019, and then the tokens can be given a value.


A screenshot from the homepage.

Each day users are required to write atleast 30 words of their daily movements as proof of activity, which is how we prove that we are human on the blockchain and keep things fair. Depending on your step/movement counter at the time of posting, you are rewarded with an upvote from @actifit account. The minimum required to get an upvote from actifit is just 1000, which is not much. For a 100% upvote you must hit over 10,000 steps or movements.

The Wallet.

Here is my wallet balance above and you can see I’m getting now 210 AFIT daily from my SP delegations paid in, its decreasing as time goes on due to the unkown token supply and because many people are delegating SP to @actifit, they have just over 140,000sp in delegations. The use case for the actifit tokens shall be for purchasing sports and fitness equiptment.

A view of the Dapp.

Recently the leaderboad open for all to see, was changed from a Top 5 to a list of Top 10 Actifitters- which I think was a good move. 

This Dapp benefits the users by:

  • Combating Obesity.
  • Exercise is proven to help against depression.
  • People who don’ spend much time online can get rewarded in a crypto token.
  • And visa-versa, people are spending too much time at the computer have a motivation to go outside.

Does this all sound innovative?  I am fully in support of this Dapp, it will bring more users to the Crypto Space who otherwise most likely wouldn’t have come until it became more mainstream – which can/will take a few more years at least… Until then the best we can do is share information on products such as Actifit that are already in action.

Wish you all a great daynight and stay tuned for more! 

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Big Love and Abundance..


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    1. Movingman Dan Post author

      Its very innovative isnt it!
      We must get used to the fact that blockchain produces rewards naturally and in the Decentralized future everything will be on blockchain, and the masses will be jobless.. Rewards will become like a universal income- my not so far-fetched predictions atleast!!