Wow, finally the team has implemented one of the really cool features we were waiting for, namely advertising. In this quick tutorial I’m going to show you how you do it. Keep in mind this is a feature you can use for ALL types of advertising, not only trybe articles. So if you got a company or another website, you can place an ad on Trybe.

In the top header next to the news feed you can now click Advertise



Now you are taken to the advertising portal. Fill in your email, ad title, description and URL as well as a thumbnail (this is the image) which should be no more than maximum file size: 1024x800px & 256kb.

If you run into this and is not sure how to fix it, you can use a site called or to change the dimensions. You can also do it natively on your computer. Fill in titles and chose which cost per click you prefer.

Now, press Pay now in the bottom left corner (you might need to take a chill pill because it’s a bit still still)

Press the place order button and you’re done!


After you have published it, you can view how it’s going. Go to your advertising portal and scroll down, you should see something like this


Click full statistics




Keep in mind everyone that this is in the experimental phase. I have no idea how much ROI you will get or anything like that. So if you don’t have 100 TRYBES to risk (you might get a good return on your investment – I have no idea at this point) please don’t use this function. I’m sure there will be a lot of posts on how this works and if it is profitable in a few days or weeks.

The ads are shown in the sidebar on the right, as you can see, and not disturbing you in your blog/profile area.


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  1. Phishphood

    Why spoil Trybe …??? Nobody reads Advertising ….!!!
    It clog’s up the page ….. clog’s up everything …!!!!
    this sounds like one of those daft Monday morning eureka idea’s .. nobody actually thinks about it until the following Friday …!!! Brave Browser will blow Trybe out of the water … Trybe need’s come up with a more creative and less intrusive funding model …??? come back facebook all is forgiven ….

    1. Matt -

      We are quite glad that you love Brave browser too as we have plans to incorporate it in the future release. We have a ton of fantastic funding models. I just finished filming our whitepaper walkthroughs with Tom. We think you’ll be quite impressed. Small unobtrusive adds will be visible on the sidebar. Nothing to get excited about. It’s been in our whitepaper since day one. Visible on the site right now when you click the menu option. We hope this won’t deter you from posting on Trybe. All the best.

  2. Zeus69

    Thanks @EOSmastering a fantastic feature that I think will attract investors and companies alike.
    I wish TRYBE the best and many thanks to the dev team for adding valuable tools and new ways of doing things.
    Keep it up and this hard work will pay off.