AERGO has developed a Proof of Value system that allows the distribution of AERGO tokens to only those who are truly valuable, sincere and highly participating among the numerous proposals received through the Reward program.

AERGO wants to find and reward participants who will play a key role in building the foundation and expanding the ecosystem. Through this process, the effects of participating activities, accuracy of explanation, validity of information, and value added to the AERGO ecosystem are assessed quantitatively/static.

AERGO is not an ordinary project. They have the skills of development teams with numerous blockchains of construction and commercialization experience that no other project has.

Unlike other projects that raise blockchain development funds, AERGO focuses on the practical implementation and commercialization of the blockchain project. Many of the AERGO team members are from Blocko. BlocKo, who has provided corporate blockchain technology development and adoption consulting services, is also a key partner in the AERGO project.

Blocko, which was established by CEO Won-Bum Kim in 2014, succeeded in commercializing blockchain in early 2015. With no experience in building a blockchain, no matter how well you look at it, Blocko has already explored commercialization cases and created enterprise-class blockchain products used in large enterprises. In addition to proof of concept of blockchain, it is going to establish industrial blockchain services that are specialized to various businesses such as Samsung, Lotte Card, and Cisco.

Blocko has South Korea’s largest block chain, infrastructure. Already, more than 25 million users are using blockchain services based on blocko infrastructure through more than 23 actual commercialization cases. This represents more than 80% of the enterprise blockchain market. That’s why private equity funds have saved more than $13.6 million and attracted investment from multinational companies like Samsung Venture and traditional VCs such as SparkLabs Ventures.

Through the Community Investment Program (CIP), the AERO team conducts investment in the AERGO community and in local partners, open-source developer communities, technology partners, and potential platform users, and has five major stakeholder groups.

The AERGO team decided to conduct a public token distribution event to satisfy all stakeholders in the AERGO ecosystem and distribute tokens to communities that support the AERGO ecosystem. In particular, we would like to select and reward participants who contribute a lot to the AERGO ecosystem.

In the campaign, 3,275 community members are to be rewarded between US$250 and US$2,000 in AERGO tokens.

Total amount of issue 500,000,000 AERGO

Token Sale 30%

Community Incentive 30%

25% Token Issued

Advisor Rewards 10%

Team compensation is 5%!

Total Sales at Private Sale US$28,832,654

Total Sales Token 144,151,452 AERGO

It was US$0.20 per unit.


In this general public rewards program, the following rewards (equivalent in AERGO tokens) will be given out:

US$250 will be rewarded to 2,000 Tier-2 contributors.

US$500 will be rewarded to 1,000 Tier-1 contributors.

US$2,000 will be rewarded to 275 contributors selected to be global ambassadors that must show exceptional dedication and talent beyond contributing.

Tier-1 and Tier-2

Internally, our analyst team will qualitatively score each contributor. The top 1,000 scoring contributors will be assigned as Tier-1 and the next top 2,000 scoring contributors will be assigned as Tier-2.


Contribution (now to 7/10): Contribute in a way that benefits AERGO’s key stakeholder groups.

Submission (1/10 to 7/10): Fill the form out, link your social media accounts to validate your submissions to us, and receive an additional email confirming your submission. Once you submit your form, you will be able to sign in and edit your form until the deadline on October 7.

Selection (7/10 to 14/10): Our analyst team will use our novel vectoring system and select 3,275 participants to reward with AERGO tokens.

Post-selection and KYC/AML (15/10 to 20/10): If selected, you will receive (i) a confirmation email from AERGO informing you of your selection, (ii) details of which allocation you are being included in, and (iii) further instructions to complete the KYC/AML process. This is also where you will be submitting your public Ether address, so make sure you have a secure Ether wallet accommodation established before this date.

Token Generation Event: 500,000,000 AERGO tokens will be created and distributed according to the token distribution plan. All reward tokens earned will be granted to selected participants by the AERGO organization.


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