Father and Mother, they are very extraordinary figures in our lives. We are witnesses that their struggle is extraordinary in this life, the sweat that comes out, the departure of our father from home to make a living. Morning, afternoon and evening sometimes do not go home Then it turns out that everything is done for us. Then how about the mother? It is never ignored by the pain that whack, especially when it is conceived. Our nine months are in her stomach, tense moments, when we are born, the most difficult moment felt by the mother we, who have in mind how we survived to look at this world. Is a form of “reflection” that we often shed tears when remembering how great their endless struggle. Although their struggle and compassion are invaluable and together fight for the future beloved children, but it cannot be denied that in the Shari’a view there are several issues that put women first. d nature takes care of children compared to men who seem more powerful than women.


Have you ever wondered why a mother’s love for her child is greater than that of a father’s love and affection, while a child is created from a mixture of both mother and father’s semen?

The answer is because the sperm water of a mother comes from the breastbone which is adjacent to the heart which is the place for the creation of love and affection for that person. Whereas a father’s mother comes from sulbi which is very far from the heart, because that is a mother’s affection is greater than a father’s child.

And we as children of both should always be filial and make their hearts happy even though the love of a mother is greater than a father, thank you for seeing this simple writing hopefully a benefit for all who read.


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  1. TRUTH(@i-am)

    if you acknowledge that the opposite of “Love” is “Apathy”, then you see love can be synonymous with “paid attention to”. Since mothers generally pay more attention to their children, and fathers generally encourage “independence”, then yes, you can conclude that “A Mother’s Love is Greater”.

  2. Workin2005

    Interesting concept. I’ve never thought of a mothers love being greater or less than a fathers. They’re often expressed differently, but I don’t think of one being greater than the other. I’d like to see more research on this. Still, it’s very interesting to consider. Thanks for sharing @khairulwalad.