How to Earn Tokens on Trybe

How to Earn Tokens on Trybe

There are a number of ways to earn tokens on 

Create great content

You will earn TRYBE tokens when your posts receive good ratings on your well written content. Click the “Write a Story” button in the menu above to start now.

Invite friends to join the platform

Get your friends to join the platform and then they can follow you and rate your content! The more ratings you receive, the more tokens you will earn! 

Please note: we will soon be re-activating our referral reward program! For everyone you refer you will receive 200 TRYBE tokens provided they verify their account with a mobile number. Your referral link is provided below and we will notify you when this program is active again.

Make new friends

By making new friends on the platform, you’ll also get more ratings on your content as people are more likely to read your content. Don’t SPAM people though – just write thoughtful comments on their posts and hopefully they’ll start following you! 


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