Powerful tools can be used for good or misused for harm. AI is no different. Per a recent Deloitte Consulting survey, 82% of AI early adopters report a positive return, averaging 17%. Tech, media & entertainment, and telco companies are leading the ROI.

Even in the early stages of adoption, companies are realizing significant value! This is an early indicator of the wonderful benefits to come. But everything is not perfect. There is a shadow that is lurking.

Adoption of new technology brings cybersecurity risks. 59% of businesses surveyed are using AI with their enterprise software. Such integration represents new avenues for attack, data leakage, transaction manipulation, and potential service disruption. Rightfully so, cybersecurity tops the list of concerns for respondents. 32% reported AI related breaches.

When you connect a new technology to your money-making systems and infrastructure, you then inherit all the potential vulnerabilities and misuse that comes with it. Businesses are more sensitive to data breaches, denial of service attacks, and ransomware, just to name a few. Coupled with new regulations, reporting requirements, and penalties they must move with more caution.

Security concerns are creating in friction for AI adoption. About 20% of those surveyed are holding off of launching AI programs and 30% are slowing down implementation due to cybersecurity risks.

So Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool that businesses are seeing the benefits, but are being held back by the potential risks. The solution is simple to state, yet difficult to achieve. Security must be included into the emerging technology as it is being develop for a multitude of usages and rushed into production. First to market is a huge advantage, but there must be trust.

The industry must collaboratively move with forethought and work proactively to secure Artificial Intelligence systems, thereby enabling the tremendous business benefits.

Reference Link: https://www.zdnet.com/article/early-ai-adopters-report-big-returns/

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