Airchain is a groundbreaking delivery platform which aims to provide a direct connection between sender and recipient. The platform is based on the idea of removing unreliable third parties from a delivery transaction. Instead, they will be replaced with trusted platform community members who can complete a faster, more efficient, cost-effective, product delivery. This will all be made possible with the backing of the blockchain and implementation of smart contracts.

Project Outline and Objectives

Almost everyone has some experience of delayed package delivery or missing important deadlines due to inefficiencies within traditional delivery systems. With Airchain, this can be a thing of the past. In essence, the platform will function as a P2P delivery system. This will allow packages to be delivered in a much faster manner between destinations and also remain secure thanks to the tracking and transparency of smart contracts.

Businesses or individuals who use the service can both pay for services and earn for services rendered through the platform with its ANK token. The entire system reduces regulatory fees to a minimum whilst greatly streamlining the delivery process.

A P2P, immutable review system will ensure that users can always trust in the platform and community to complete a particular task.

This type of ecosystem is revolutionizing the business and individual supply chain. The expert team, led by founder and CEO Marcin Tin are aiming for the launch of the company’s own mainnet in the first quarter of 2019. This will provide further decentralization to the project which has already partnered with a number of high profile entities.

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