Hello. This is my second part of airdrop alert. Tons of airdrop are coming in EOS platform. This is the list of latest airdrop list

My first part of Airdrop content : https://trybe.one/airdrop-alert-30-10-2018-part-1/ Some of them might be still be running try it out and get free EOS tokens

  1.  Paytomat : 500 PTI Tokens Click Here

This airdrop is for the users of WhaleEx  Platform . WhaleEx platform being decentralised platform will be providing airdrop similar to chaince. In Chaince all CET token holders are awarded with special airdrop. Now in WhaleEx WAL token holders are also awarded with airdrop. As of now DICE,TPT has been airdropped to the users.

Benefits of WhaleEx account :

  1.  600 WAL Token on KYC completion
  2.  Free EOS Account
  3.  Rights to Future airdrop similar to PTI and DICE

Regarding whaleEx please go through this article https://ym.whaleex.com/whaleEx/dash/login?inviteCode=IN-tqH4R0

This is a great chance to secure more of WAL Token. This will be more famous that Chaince Platform is a short period of time. Mark my words.

2. Nebula Protocol : NEB Token

NEB airgrab appeared in EOS Tool kit. But when i interacted with team they have not yet decided on the amount of token and time of disbursement.

Anyhow just go to EOS Toolkit and reserve the RAM.

Website : https://nebulaprotocol.com/index.html

3. BET24 ; 1000 Chip Token Click Here

This is a DICE game. On first bet you will get 1000 CHIP. Then for every 1 EOS you will get 100 CHIP.

It is already listed in Newdesk

Do join in the More.one candy app. Lot of candies inside it https://myeoscandy.com/register.html?invite_code=947201ce

Initiative Q : https://initiativeq.com/invite/BGQTXW82X

ONO https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nome.ono ( Invite Code : N1UQ)

Do read my arbitrage of Trybe token article and double your token : https://trybe.one/trybe-token-sale-arbitrage-strategy-risk-less-profit/

Best of luck . Hunt for more airdrop and get free cryptos

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