TRYBE upcoming airdrops, awaiting with real passion,
30th November and then 11th every month, in anticipation,
plenty token rewards for those truely a TRYBE member,
whether achieved through writing or buying, remember,

You will get your reward, staked or unstaked, it will grow,
in your TRYBE account soon it will definitely show,
no scatter installed and EOS account registered, will impact,
so get yours fast or else nothing will be gotten that’s a fact,

Many an article written by pros, discussions had chats thus far,
no gain then its yourself to blame not TRYBE, been on the radar,
you have been warned and nicely told, so get it now, not late,
the rewards for you is but a click away, no register is your fate,

Remain a member, grow friends, and get followed, decisional,
write an article or 2 or even 10, make it great and professional,
not like my crap, poetry in a crypto environment what a story,
I do, just shows all welcome write anything for one of the category,

Get up rated, sometime sadly you get down rated, this you learn,
but no matter what you do, try your best and learn while you earn,
be honest and true to yourself, and others on TRYBE, it’s worth it,
be true to yourself and kind to the other members, do your bit,

Invite your buddies, to join, market TRYBE wherever you can,
as TRYBE grows, the value will too, purchase a pre-sale a token,
heres to TRYBE, the team, the Devs, Admin and members, unity,
lets be proud as anyone on TRYBE can be involved it’s a community.

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