Airgrabs were a great idea, but they don’t seem to be living up to their promise. 

The airgrab model of token distribution is yet to find its rhythm – assuming it ever will.  Airgrabs make sense. Kind of. Reward the token holders who demonstrate activity and interest in your token. Seems simple. 

But there are other ways , arguably much better ways, of building long-term community involvement, such as the models used by Trybe, Parsl, Horus Pay, KARMA etc which  reward those who stake their initial tokens after an airdrop.

My gripe is mainly with Worbli and MEETONE which have both recently completed their airgrabs (and yes, I get that both of which had the additional complication over and above standard EOS token drops of needing to be claimed on a new chain before they could be staked).

But I can’t be the only totally dissatisfied, frustrated and bitter EOS holder who has missed out on major airgrabs this year, and the figures reportedly show that I’m not,  with a very low takeup of the airgrabs by EOStoken holders.

Yes, partly it was my own fault, which I admit readily. But partly, it was something else.

Neither token really war-gamed the airgrab process properly, instead (presumably) assuming their potential community members would bring a level of tech competence to the process. However, the opposite was true, in my estimate. EOS, and crypto investors generally, may have mastered the complexities of having a public and a private key (why isn’t the public key called an address, FFS, which the private key “opens”???)  but as a rule we are pretty much largely IT illiterate.

WORBLI was especially terrible in this regard, failing to actually provide a system that did what they said it would – even when all advice and documented procedures were followed. Because it was not the tech support people who let WORBLI’s community down, it was the tech itself.

And in a broader sense, neither WORBLI or MEETONE sorted out the tech of the transfer to a new chain by making it easy, understandable, accessible and actually do-able to IT dunderheads without us having to do a tonne of research to be sure we’re not giving away our crypto passwords and secrets: i.e., everything.

And both missed valuable community-building communication opportunities, for example acknowledging the knowledge levels of their potential community members and working with their prospective communities to create mechanisms, tools and information packages which clearly, easily and understandably set out how to make the most of this airgrab opportunity.

And both set deadlines for their ‘grabs’.

One was too short, at only 3 weeks (MEETONE), and I was still trying to do my due diligence for this and missed the ‘grab’ by a matter of hours after receiving notice of the immanent closure of the grab.

And the other (WORBLI) ignored its own timetable and closed the grab off without notice half way through – after me being unable to claim for months, despite (as noted above) doing everything I was advised to do.

And both of them were flawed, because they missed the very opportunity to do what they were created to do in the first place: to build a large, active, committed and loyal community of users.

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  1. Anthony Davis

    Ugh missing an airdrop when you’re hodling. Worst feeling ever. I was probably just a couple hours late to claim Steem Hunt tokens which irked me because they said the deadline was that same day. Figured they would give you the whole day but nooooo.

    I think the airdrop model can work but there are certainly arguments for others. Please, for the love of everything holy, not a NINJAMINE. I’m looking at your Steem.

    P.S. I think Steem is great but would be better w/ out bid bots and exploitation / abuse by certain large stakeholder. Not saying any names.