The blockchain industry and the cryptocurrency ecosystem have been really on the rise since the inception of the first cryptocurrency in 2009. It has proven its worth over time that it is now too hard to doubt its potentials. The global market has begun to witness a boom of the economy in relation to this single invention. In 2017, the worth of the cryptocurrency was registered closely at 840 Billion USD and as of the time of this writing, there are about 1200 existing cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin leading the mainstream.

It’s evident that cryptocurrency is the new oil and this is seen by dencity of its headlines. The number of its fetched investors and traders/exchangers, the unending num ber of new coins that make their way through the front door of blockchain industry, begging for recognition. It is true that as new ones emerge they identify a problem and bring solution to it. Some go the extra mile to capitalize on an existing solution and better it. So whatever it is the case and reason there are new entrance into the market on a daily basis, the end result is its drive and potentials.

There are still problems associated to cryptocurrency and what they need to really bother about. Such issues are:

1. Globalization

2. High degree of price/value change

3. 100% security

4. Easy understanding of the concept by an average man. And so on.

These problems still exist out there and the team members of the alfa-enzo project have identified an issue and proposed to bring a solution to some of the above mentioned loopholes.


The Enzo team members believe that a currency should a medium of successful and hitch-free exchange and a store for value. This is where the crypto failed to get it right. It isn’t enough that it lacks a layer of topnotch security but its high degree of volatility has made it impossible to be labelled as a true store for value.

It is seen on the exchange charts that the rate at which the price of a crypto changes within a short while is alarming and depressing. So many investors lose a lot of money, potential investors refuse to make it into the pool and exchangers are left devastated. Any country’s currency with such a high volatility rate is headed for a doom.

The enzo (NZO) native utility token on EON has an inflatable nature. Its value exchange is derived from its scarcity and immutability exchange ecosystem.

It has also been identified by the team members of the Enzo Network that it is quite conflicting to want cryptocurrency to stand up against real currencies when they don’t meet the speed and scalability required for mainstream utilization. Cryptocurrency is still hard to understand. Most of the individuals on its network are investors working with brokers not end consumers. And some established blockchain networks are too slow for micro-payments.

• So it has been designed that the Enzo Network will provide Quick exchange of value just like it happens on currency exchange platforms.

• Real definition of cryptocurrency from the ground level to the top. Most persons don’t understand its value, utility and its potentials. This will be tackled using the Enzo Network.

Alfa Enzo is uniquely positioned to establish the first mass-market cryptocurrency by providing a unique distributed commerce ecosystem5 that delivers on these properties at the outset.


Pre-ICO: Aug 3rd – Nov 15th

ICO: Nov 16th – Dec 30th

Pre-ICO is live with 29 Days Remaining

1 NZO = $0.005

1 ETH = 41,832.00 NZO

Current ETH Price = $209.16

4,000,000,000 NZO Available

Min Contribution: 1 ETH

Max Contribution: 2000 ETH

Currency Accepted: ETH, BTC, BCH, USD

$3M Sold In Private

Softcap: $25Mln

Hardcap: $100Mln

Total Raised: $3Mln



A fixed supply of 21 Billion NZOs (※21B) will be released at MainNet Deployment with the allocations per below.

Public – 60% (12.60B)

Reserve – 25% (5.25B)

Foundation – 5% (1.05B)

Team – 10% (2.10B)



Development – 60%

R&D – 25%

Business – 5%

Legal – 10%




Develop Fluid Time Prototype for iOS

Launched Fluid Timeline for iOS and Android v1


Black Paper—International Patent (w/ PCT) Received

Developed Enzo Open Network

Launch Fluid Timeline Server-less Ecosystem


Release Alfa 0, Genesis – iOS

Release Alfa 1, Prime – iOS

Release Alfa 2, Goliath – iOS, Android

Release Alfa 3, Helios – iOS, Android, Desktop

Release Push 1, Progeny iOS

Launch Valet 1, MacOS + MVP Testnet


Release Alfa 4, Nirvana, Valet 2 for MacOS, Windows

Deploy MVP MainNet

Release Push 2 – iOS, Android


Begin Developing EON-OS and EON Phone


Launch EON-OS and EON Phone


Launch EON Edge Servers




Tony K. Tran – Founder and CEO

Quyen T. Phan – COO and Chief Evangelist

James Dron – Vice President, Ads Product

Mai Ann- Vice President, Media

Andy Truong- Vice President, Global Markets

Linh P. Vu – CFO

Thomas S. Nsikakabasi – Chief Evangelist, Africa

Angie N. Trinh – VP, Human Resources (Interim)


Ridgley L. Kuang

Manh Duong

Horizon Ventures

Eddie Hong

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