Decentralized platforms have been in exponential growth in the last few years and with definite reason. They can redefine the way we transact, the way we interact with data, the way we access the internet and so many different concepts this technology lets us embrace. Today I’m going to be talking about a project called Alfa Enzo that is definitely bringing innovation to an already innovative industry.

What is Alfa Enzo?

Alfa Enzo is fixing current problems that blockchain technology is facing. Currently, blockchains can’t handle large amount of TPS (transactions per second), this is why micro-payments are a challenge the project will tackle. Most projects face the problem of lack of knowledge when it comes to using blockchain products and services. Alfa Enzo is user friendly and will bridge the gap between blockchain and average consumers. This will be done thanks to Alfa Enzo’s own commerce ecosystem that acts as a social marketplace and value transfer system.

The value transfer proposition is one that most projects are trying to capitalize, but Alfa Enzo is doing it in a very differentiated and unique way. When I talk about a value transfer system I’m talking about the way us, consumers and users manage our value we generate, through user generated content or simply our data we share in social media. This value is currently transfer to centralized institutions that profit out of us, but in a distributed system such as EON, (the Enzo Open Network), value can be distributed fairly among everyone that participates in the network.

So what is this innovative and unique way Alfa Enzo is implementing? The management of data and time and the way that is represented with the native cryptocurrency NZO.

How does it work?

So each user basically can have their own private blockchain that cross-chained with the main Alfa Enzo blockchain can scale up transactions exponentially without clogging the main chain. Is like everyone has a side chain for themselves! This approach allows users to fully gain controlled of their data and time. I need to stress time here because as much as other blockchain projects are trying to secure data in the most efficient way possible, no one is capitalising on how valuable time is.

Time is money, as the saying goes, but it is literally money. It has its properties, is immutable, divisible, homogeneous and scarce. The token has an emission based in time and activity in the network instead of a mining or staking algorithm as most conventional blockchains. Each native token NZO, is equivalent to 365 days, where a day is represented by the Z division. So the supply of tokens is derived from time, but not only that, also activity. NZOs are burned every time the users exit the system, that way NZOs value will be directly related to the usage and participation in the ecosystem. This innovative emission system prevents monopoly of supply and centralized control. The tokens are freely distributed among everyone and you can’t hoard tokens, you earn them participating which helps the ecosystem be useful.

I mean this feature alone can let me write a whole article because of how innovative it is, but I’ll try to cover other functions and features of the ecosystem in future posts because there’s so much the system offers for users. You can check their white paper for detail information about all of this and more: or visit the website

Token Sale

There’s going to be 21 billion tokens for mainnet but only 60% will be set for the token sale. The rest will be locked in vested periods for the team members. The funds collected in the token sale will help develop the platform, research, infrastructure and other costs the company will need to absorb. However, the platform is already up and running for users to test and feel the Alfa Enzo experience. You can download the Alfa Prime app (for iOS only currently) already, test the platform, see how innovative it is and on top of that, all your activity will be rewarded with NZO that will be distributed after the token sale ends. That’s like no other project out there!


I think this awesome project is successful because of bringing actual usage for the average investor to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The way they are doing it will definitely be an advantageous value proposition among other projects and will for sure will put the project ahead against competition.

Be part of the awesome community in Telegram

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And if you’re convinced of the business model, participate in the token sale!

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that I’m participating in the content creation bounty campaign. You can join any campaign you would like to participate here: I’m participating with my account;u=882182 Therefore, I’m not giving investing advice, this article is purely educational in regard to Alfa Enzo.

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