When I started mining Bitcoins in 2012 I could never imagine all the technological and ideological development that I would see and experience in these 6 years of my life. But better, let’s go a little slower with the story.

In my childhood I was very related to the world of Computing.

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I saw the first computer at 4 years old. Learned the first programming language at 7 (one very simple for children called MSX Logo) and the second at 10 years old (MSX Basic). But at the age of 14, I reneged on programming and distanced myself from everything related to computers until, at 18, I discovered the world of design and digital graphics. I became a graphic designer and worked for 4 years on one of the largest websites in Cuba, the web of the Ministry of Public Health. In those 4 years I learned a lot, especially about the world of video, which led me to study the Film and Video Editing career at a film school in Cuba for 3 years.

Having lived until that moment all my life in Cuba, I was able to notice the serious problem that Centralization can become. In Cuba, the owner of everything basically is the government. The president with his cabal, can do and undo at will.

It’s like a big corporation (and the similarity is not pure coincidence).

When I graduated from film school in 2007, I moved to Germany looking for something better, or so I thought. Something better in terms of liberties, especially individual ones. And I will not deny that there are a few more than in Cuba (in Cuba there are basically no freedoms of any kind so anything, however small, feels good) but … there is always a but. Life did not take long to show me that in the world outside of Cuba there were also serious problems and that the control exercised through force and fear in Cuba, outside of Cuba, was exercised through money and fear. The way in which money is created (from the air), who creates it (a private firm) and how it enters and leaves the hands of people (work, credits and taxes) is a form of total control and slavery.

The biggest fear of the average person in Western societies is not having money.

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The realization of this led me to a process of finding a way to become independent of that machinery, which I was not interested in integrating at all. And in 2012 I discovered Bitcoin. So when I started mining Bitcoins I did it almost without really knowing the technology as such, I joined the “movement” more for being in love with the “economic” concept (limited amount of distribution, currency and decentralized distribution, etc). But little by little I was discovering that not only Bitcoin had, by its characteristics, value as a currency but also Blockchain technology, or rather, that the sum of the two could have incredible uses on the way to decentralization. Especially when I met Bistshares in 2014 and discovered the possibility of anyone creating tokens with total freedom in a decentralized environment. This made me follow the work of Dan Larimer.

That’s why my account in Steemit is number 11 704, because I created it on June 10, 2016 when it was still published in Steemit only based on the promise of a possible future payment. Yes, something like Trybe right now. It was all about following Dan’s work. By the way, I still continue to publish and interact in English and Spanish actively in Steemit.

And it also happened with EOS.

Since Dan announced that he was working at EOS, my interest jumped. What seemed to some to be a betrayal for me was revealed as an evolution to all of Dan’s previous work. To explain my idea better, I’m going to put it this way:

  1. Bitshares : Possibility of creating tokens of different types and their exchange in a decentralized environment.
  2. STEEM : Real interaction between people using the Blockchain technology. No prior technical knowledge is needed. In addition, the interaction is rewarded.
  3. EOS : All the above plus the ease to create applications of all kinds, not just exchange markets like Bitshares or social networks like Steemit. With the possibility, in addition, of communication and operability between Blockchains with different characteristics and uses, etc. (This is a poor description of the possibilities of EOS made by a neophyte and it is only to clarify my point)

For all this and in addition, for all the development and the real possibilities that EOS is currently seeing (and we are only in the beginning), I believe that developing this was not only a necessary evolution for Dan, especially when knowing about their previous projects, but also and as far as I’m concerned, EOS can become a big part of that decentralized revolution that many of us want to reach.

All roads lead to … EOS?

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I do not know if all the roads but at least many of them.

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  1. CryptoCosmonaut

    Scalability to the next level. Speed accomplished, unmatched and almost to 1% of capacity level on blocktivity. Coming along at a snail’s pace of 3,000+ TPS. Sorry BTc or ETh but thank you. You’ll always be specail. And if the storm gets to be overwhelming on the Lightning Network or Casper is frightened away, EOS may provide the umbrella of escape into feeless transaction. Who’s ready for an order of magnitude?

  2. Michael Dexter

    Great article hombre !
    I enjoyed reading it because I kind of feel similar about the potential of EOS and am also still a Novice in its realm. I`m sucking up information about it everyday as much as my brain can cope with because I know that it will pave many, many new roads, ones that haven`t been possible so far and ones we might not even think of right now.

    I am so happy to find likeminded and open users like you here on Trybe. Let`s learn everything about EOS and grow together everyday

    Saludos !

  3. Ian Jeffreys @DNAian

    I really enjoyed reading your story and do hope EOS will be a major player in decentralized revolution! Are you still living Germany? I hope you have gone back to visit Cuba and share some of your rewards with family and friends. I’ve been to Cuba once and it’s beautiful and all of the people (locals) were super friendly and work extremely hard for a living.

    1. Juanmi the Robot Post author

      Thanks a lot @dnaian πŸ™‚ Glad to know that you enjoy the story (real one) and also that you have been in Cuba … nice! And yes, I am still living in Germany but I have been back to Cuba few times to have some quality time with relatives and friends. I love my country too much πŸ˜‰