Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary

Situated in Dominical, Costa Rica Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary is dedicated to offer superior protection to all animals which are sick, orphaned or injured. It is a non profit organization and works in the best interest of the wild animals. The main objective of the organization is to promote the welfare of animals and help in their rehabilitation.

About the Sanctuary

The people at Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary is dedicated to assist in the release and rehabilitation of the native animals. With well equipped clinic and a great dedicated team, there is no other organization which works better in the best interest of the animals. The organization makes sure that the animals are protected and conserved at all times.

Facilities at the Sanctuary

The organization has been working for years to conserve the animals which need care and attention. There is no other organization which offers better care to the animals.

  • Well-equipped clinic. The organization has a great clinic which has all necessary equipment to take care of the animals. Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary has all facilities to give proper care to the animals.
  • Great Staff. The staff at the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary know their job very well. The staff and the doctors at the center are qualified and possess the skills to offer a high quality treatment to protect the animals.
  • Emergency care. The organization also has an emergency care service to give urgent attention to any sick or injured animals.
  • Area for the animals. The staff at the organization make sure that the animals get the natural habitat and thrive in the best way. They have a quick response time and get back to solve your issues quick.

What has made them the best sanctuary for animal care?

The organization has great facilities for superior animal care and release animals only after they are fit to be released. The sanctuary has been offering safe and great survival environment for all the animals brought here.

Catering to all the mental and social needs of the animals, Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary is the best when it comes to great animal care. The staff makes sure that the animals are in best condition and do not feel captivated or caged.

If you wish to know how the organization functions or what all they do, you can simply reach out to them and know the animals better.

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