What I really like on the blockchain is nothing is really secret.

Even an amateur like me can analyse what is going on with some curiosity and proper tools.

For me, I am the kind of person who really likes to question the data that is presented to me.

Since I am new in Trybe, I am really curious about what is really going on here.

My objective is to find out, if Trybe is keeping the promise not being like Steemit.

Less whales, more equal distribution.

It is presented in the wallet page that 10.68 m Trybe is pre-sold.

I have written a simple code in vue-js to see the real situation.

Finding the data tables and correct queries, I have sorted the data.

Findings :

1- The value given, 10.68 m Token sold is absolutely correct. The exact amount is : 10.683.923 Trybe.

2- This much Trybe is sold to a total of 665 different accounts.

3- A total of 31.625 EOS is spent to buy 10.68 m Trybe -> 337.9 Trybe / EOS

4- The Trybe holder distrubution is as below

As we can see here, there are really much less whales compared to Steemit.

Trybe team, thank you being transparent and thank you for keeping your promise at least until now.

Proud to be here.


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  1. peter S

    Not entirely sure what this graph shows: the number of holders or the number of tokens in that section. The 1% tokenholders of > 200 k tokens could still be a very significant amount of tokens

    1. firedream Post author

      To be exact, 8 people out of 665 have purchased more than 200k Trybe tokens from pre-sale.(1.2%)
      You may be right about data presentation.
      To reply your question deeper, these 8 people have 3,269,482.62 TRYBE, which is 30% of the presale quantity.
      I should have, and I will share a different graph for this (#of accounts vs token total)
      Thank you very much for the second perspective.

        1. firedream Post author

          Unfortunately,because the tokens earned in wordpress-232441-710587.cloudwaysapps.com is not really in the blockchain.
          There are also other liquid and staked tokens apart from presale which are the tokens that are distributed to founders and tokens in the system.
          Most of the tokens exist in the “trybenetwork” user ( 549m Trybe) and as I got information from Tom, this can’t be touched until July 2019 same as presale tokens.

  2. Dukefish

    Welcome to Trybe seeing you mentioned you are new!

    Posting is great to help get involved and a pie chart, who in the crypto space doesn’t love a graph or chart.

    Thanks for doing the leg work and the math, you are right it is very easy to learn how to find the facts and figures out yourself, great article, keep posting!

    1. firedream Post author

      It seems so, but there are game changers.
      The airdrops continue(only 10% finished yet ), the off-chain tokens that we have no idea on the quantity since they are not in the block chain,the coins that will be given to founders and early adapters.
      But if this is a model of life we live in,we can assume at the fairest situation %20 will have %80 of the wealth.