For some time the windows of a store in my city (Cagliari) have caught my attention, not so much for the goods on display as for a sign, not even so prominently placed, which reads: “here you pay in Bitcoin”.

I always propose to enter to see and understand the mechanism better, but an article that appeared in these days on the page of economy of the main local newspaper that speaks of this particular Bancomat has convinced me to understand better.

The initiative to host a Bitcoin ATM inside his shop is a cripto enthusiastic entrepreneur and convinced that in the future the crypts will play an increasingly important role in the life of all of us.

For this reason, in its shop that sells 100% Biodegradable products, it now offers a Bitcoin ATM. It is the first in Sardinia (Italy).

Put your banknotes and top up your wallet!

The ATM Automated Teller Machine is an automatic vending machine known to most as ATMs: machines that we usually use to withdraw cash and that work within the BANCOMAT Circuit which is the consortium that manages this service.

From the ATM in a few minutes and you can easily withdraw money from your bank account using a card associated with the account that you will find in some bank that is part of the Bancomat consortium. Easy and immediate and widespread all over the world.

Well, this happens for our traditional money, euros, dollars ..

But now it is possible, and in an almost similar way, to buy and sell Bitcoins and other important Coins such as Bitcoin, Cash, Ether, Litecoin, Dash but also Dogecoin and Monero.

There are currently around 3756 counters for crypts although 73% of Bitcoin ATMs are located in America.

In Italy these branches are still few and distributed mainly in the North.

In this site you can find the Bitcoin ATM map and its distribution in the world and other useful information on their operation and the different types of machines used for the exchange.

And in the navigable cartography here it is, the only CtriptoBancomat that is found in Sardinia that is exactly what is found in the “100% Biodegradable” shop of GiuseppeBrau that for some time has made available to its customers an ATM for crypt.

With the ATM you can sell and / or buy the most important crypts.

But how does it work practically? Nothing is simple, of course.

First of all, not all ATMs are the same: there are about 30 different types of ATM Bitcoin and among these the most used models are “Genesis Coin”and “Lamassu Bitcoin”. So you have to understand where they are and how they work even if some operations are common for everyone such as user verification, the insertion of cash and the indication of the address where to send the purchased Bitcoins.

Not all machines, however, allow two-way operations, that is to buy but also to buy the crypts. This is why we need to identify the type of machine that can be useful for our needs.

Once this is clarified the operations that must be done at the bottom are not entirely different from those that we usually do in traditional ATMs.

Choose the coin, the amount …., Put the money and give the address where to deposit your crypts. Very easy.

Now you have to do the crypts … but!


(Some images are taken from the site

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  1. CryptosDecrypted

    Thanks for the interesting post Sadart. I had my first experience with a Bitcoin ATM just a few weeks ago in Adelaide when I stumbled across one in a shopping centre. There were a few steps to get registered, but it was simple enough. In the end, I didn’t actually use it to purchase BTC because it was 10% more expensive than the exchange I use. Still, it was fun and a start.