DataXchain is a decentralized data, trading on Blockchain-predicated accommodations. “DataXchain provides custom adaptation accommodations between data owners and data users with an exclusive” Keenly intellective Adaptation Mechanism (IME) “.

When data owners load any data (images and sound), the data enrichment process (labeling and cataloging) commences to convert raw data into final digital assets. Because of recommendations and search functions, data users decide to buy digital assets. After making a purchase decision, the Astute contract commences automatically, and the data owner receives a DataXchain (DXCT) token:Let us visit the project website here: Then data users receives sanction to download data as much as they want. See the diagram below

DataXchain believes that the goal of the Keenly intellective Information Society – to ascertain maximum efficiency for all humanity on the substructure of incipient values created by ICT, through the provision of keenly intellective technology and community innovation. Data permeating information exchange networks around the world is a fundamental resource for our society. However, in the system framework and centralized data blocking accommodations, as a rule, represent several gregarious networks and Internet portals. Our personal data has been accumulated by these data giants for profit or gratification from their own intrigues.

DataXchain is a “platform for trading decentralized data predicated on Blockchain”, which suits what data owners can do to provide users with what users want through a special data mapping accommodation.

Thanks to “decentralization” of data ownership and trade, DataXchain aims to engender an incipient data paradigm where individuals, unlike data giants, have rights to their own data and receive fair emolument if the data is utilized. It additionally aims to engender an authentically incipient data trading ecosystem where everyone can facilely engender digital assets for sale or sale.

Due to the fact that data perforates virtually all aspects of our lives and becomes a paramount resource, DataXchain’s capabilities can bring illimitable scales, and this is the extent to which it can greatly amend our lives.

Facile to utilize

Provides simplified download procedures and accommodations to visually perceive potential costs on websites and mobile applications.


Perspicacious data processing: with advanced AI technology and immensely colossal data, it provides automatic mapping and cataloging (DataXchain Machines)


Expeditious and puissant accommodation process: DataXchain sanctions simultaneous processing, but in astronomically immense numbers in several open source projects, such as the Sharding Ethereum project.


Providing uninterrupted accommodations to ascertain stable accommodations and flexible software architecture for high-tech applications


Enhanced security and authentic-time tracking: Bulwark the DataXchain layer with Astute Contracts managed by the Blockchain network and disunite key storage.


Avert filter bubbles with the automatic matching process predicated on sundry hybrid algorithms

One of the features of DataXchain, which sets it apart from other homogeneous platforms, is that this technology is potent, one-of-a-kind, which provides a “data enrichment process.” Thanks to this exclusive technology, DataXchain can

convert raw data into very pellucid digital assets that represent sundry forms of tradable data. For example, in a simple photo or video processing process, consummating the system attribute package is a hypersensitive analytical implement that can capture even the most minute details of photos and videos.This process will facilitate data users to find what they optate, to the most precise attributes, while data owners will have higher data reception speeds.

Just as crude gold is processed into rubies , DataXchain brings the commercialization of Data to an incipient caliber.

This is expected to be a key factor in the conversion and utilize that underlies the prosperity of each platform.

For a more detailed explication of data enrichment technology, optically discern

Platform section.

DataXchain has a wallet function that sanctions users to control their data and sell it through the DataXchain network. In additament to displaying the number of DXCT users, users can withal check the potential value of digital assets on DXCT and track each transaction in the utilization history of DataXchain ICO

DXCT Public Sales

• The total number of shipments is 1 000 000 000 DXT

• It costs 0.06 USD per token

• Sales starting 09/20/2018

• Currency received: BTC, ETH, USD

• Hardcap: $ 30 million

• Min. / Max. Acquisition of USD 100 / USD 500 000

• Bonus for Airdrop / Referrals 117 500 000 DXT

ICO sales

• Token price: USD 0.06 (market price after listing)

• Target for Sale (W / Bonus) 730 million DXT

• Advance sales: 10.08 ~ 10.28.2018 84.375,000 DXT 35% bonus

• Sales phase 1: 10.29 ~ 11.04.2018 30% bonus

• Sales phase 2: 11.05 ~ 11.11.2018 25% bonus

• Sales phase 3: 11.12 ~ 11.18.2018 20% bonus

• Sales phase 4: 11.19 ~ 11.25.2018 15%

• Sales stage 5: 11.26 ~ 12.02.2018 10% bonus

• Sales stage 6: 12.03 ~ 12.09.2018 5% bonus

The main strategic partner of DataXchain in its development is one of the major suppliers of astronomically immense data from South Korea and the AI solution, Xiilab. As a DataXchain strategic partner, Xiilab has the technology, cognizance and experience needed in immensely colossal data fields to avail jump over DataXchain in the development process. Not just a key member of Tobelet from Xiilab, DataXchain will benefit from the resources and Xiilab and DataXchain connections. This platform will be developed together with Xiilab, which will ascertain its prosperous application.

Hopefully this information is subsidiary for all of you. For those of you who want to contribute to this dataxchain project. Click the cognate link below.



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