What is EOS DICE?

DICE is a token that can be used in all games on BetDice.

We hope all our supporters can share in our success. Thus, by staking DICE, you can enjoy the profit-share.

Why has gambling become so popular on EOS?

EOS transaction speed is fast. The processing time is nearly instant. You can receive EOS from others immediately. Besides, no fee is charged for every transaction. Gambling Dapps benefit from these factors. Who would like to wait for a long time on one bet?

What is your marketing plan?

At the moment we would like to to focus more on game development and retaining our reputation. Meanwhile, we are cooperating with many great teams, building strong relationship with them. After launching two more games, we will start our big marketing campaign. In the coming future, we are going to giveaway free EOS accounts. We would like to draw more attention to those non EOS users.

What makes EOS Dice a sustainable vision of progress?

We are more than a gambling site or a site for mining tokens. Instead, we are building a gaming platform. In the future, we will accept third parties to integrate their games to our platform. We will provide them with securities and traffic. Revenue will also be generated from these games and will be shared with our DICE token holders.

What new features have you added recently and what new features are coming?

VIP system. As all of you know, we always treasure our users. We would like to give bonus on all bets they place in any games. The higher the VIP level, the greater the reward and of course a sense of belonging to BetDice.  Besides, we have integrated an exchange to our platform which allow our users to buy or sell DICE without any fee. We have been listed on BigONE and are going to be listed on BancorX soon which is a big milestone for us. We know users are looking forward to playing new games and YES…Baccarat is rolling out this week. Moreover, many new features are coming, like member system, balance system.

How does the profit sharing work?

As a BetDice user, you can always enjoy the profit-sharing by staking DICE tokens. Your portion of the payout will be credited to your balance and can be claimed at your convenience.

How do you see DICE evolving over time to keep people interested?

We will hold a lot of special events as always which will keep surprising our users. More fantastic games are coming too. Moreover, we are not only developing DICE game, we are building a gaming platform. Many features will roll out to retain users in our platform.

How does dice’s house edge differ from a lot of online gambling?

The house edge of dice game is 1.5%.

How many people do you have on the team?

Around 20 people. Mainly 3 development teams.

What is the best part about seeing the popularity of the DAPP Grow?

It is glad to see more dapps are coming in. Users can have more choice. If only one dapp exists in EOS network, it is too bored. More dapps mean more developers are optimistic about EOS which we believe the whole community can benefit from it.

What challenges could you face in the future?

With the rapid growth of blockchain technology, we believe famous casino in Vegas and Macau would like to enter into this market. They have tremendous capital and user base and are well-known. These make them easily to gain a large market share on EOS.

What makes Dice different than the other gambling dapps on EOS?

I think we have the fastest rolling speed on DICE game ha-ha. Actually we don’t think we have much difference with other gambling dapps. However, we do believe our extensive experience in developing, operating and marketing games from the past will allow us to outperform our competitors. In addition, we love to listen to the voice of our users and token holders. They always throw out awesome ideas.

What does the team’s vision of success look like?

Absolutely the launch of our decentralized gaming platform which is fair, trustworthy and transparent. Just like Google Play or App Store, developers who would like to launch their games on EOS blockchain will definitely submit games to our platform first.

Any final words for the EOS community?

We would love to see the EOS community becomes bigger and influential. B1, Block Producers and DAPP developers work hard together to encourage more people joining the EOS community easily. At the moment, the procedure of setting up a EOS account may be complicated for normal users. They may even have no concept on what CPU, RAM and NET is. Education is needed for them. Simple procedure and clear guidelines will make people more willing to join the community.

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  1. Ian Jeffreys @DNAian

    Another great interview Matt! lol I can’t upvote your article, just yet, as 24h has not passed since your last interview. I was right, you don’t sleep.
    btw My very first article I wrote on Trybe was on BetDice (Oct. 2nd 2018) and you were the reviewer that pushed it through. Thanks again for that! It is the Wild West for EOS Gambling dApps, I look forward to see how this plays out.

  2. Infosion

    Very nice and interesting interview! Thank you very much
    Sounds like a very good plan so far for the near future! I like the way BetDice has evolved so far. Think they are one of a few crypto projects that are already successful AND have big potential to be even more in future.