The EOS Poker speed round interview

1- What is EOS Poker and what separates it from the other Gambling Dapps on EOS?

EOS Poker is the first Black Jack poker game on EOS Blockchain. This game is not like those dice or slot games where you can only pray for good luck after bets, this game allows you to interact more and improve your winning chances by researching for better strategy in different cases. So it does not only bring heart beats, but also more fun.

2- I understand that blackjack is the first game but I also know you are building a peer to peer poker game. How will that work and do you have a timeline for that?

Our next game will be Holdem. You can see the rules here in Wikipedia:

It will be more difficult than Black Jack and much much more difficult than Dice or Spin Wheel or Slot. Also the Player against Player feature with anti-bot solution is not easy. But our devs are very confident they can build that soon. It will take us about 3-4 weeks. Now we are at early design stage.

3- How do dividends work and how are they paid out?

The dividends are the house profit minus operational costs. We paid our accumulative dividends on 29/10/2018 00:00 UTC, 80% of our platform profits, that is 84827.8740 EOS were paid to 441 holders who staked 2880656.1472 POKER tokens.

So you have to stake your tokens to get profits, or unstake it to sell or transfer, which takes 24 hrs.
Now the dividends are paid daily among the staked POKER tokens on 00:00 UTC. The dividends on day October 29th was 17 EOS per 10k POKER tokens.

4- What is your marketing plan to ensure that the games continue to develop and attract players and investors alike?

We have a solid plan to continuous expand our user base.

We have invented an interesting idea to get us more spotlight, if our community members change their profile pictures on telegram and add to their names, they will earn 2 POKER tokens per day. The community members are supportive and love this promo ect.

Currently we allow players to delegate CPU to our smart contract eospokerwins and share 1500 POKER tokens daily as reward.

Although we only take 20% of the house profit and are tight on marketing budget, we believe we have good ideas to gain good marketing effects with reasonable cost.

We are working closely with mobile wallets, now we are listed on TokenPocket, Meetone, MathWallet, PocketEOS, StartEOS, EOStoken, Bitpie, Bitportal, 51Token, TomatoWallet.

Many community members are famous on tweeter or Weibo, who will support us on marketing continuously. We have connected some EOS communities, we will work with them closely to market our games.

Also we plan to build up Korean, Japan and Russian community soon.

5- Are you running any special promotions?

Next week, we will do an online pitch with DApp community Lianjinshu in China. Soon we will be listed on BancorX, Airdrop in Meetone block producer community.

Tomorrow, we will set a 500 EOS prizes for top bettors, when you hit BlackJack, you will receive double POKER rewards!

6- Do you plan to keep adding new games in the future?

Yes of course. We will release some other popular poker games in the future. We hope when people want to play poker game, is the first platform they will think of.

7- Why do you think gambling apps are so successful on EOS?

EOS blockchain has much higher TPS to provide smooth game experience. Also you don’t lose gas fee every bet like on Ethereum blockchain. Gambling is the most profitable business which desires transparency and provable fairness, that is why blockchain technology is so suitable. As EOS account registration becomes easier later, the market will be huge because EOS is the most popular coin.

8- What is the supply of EOS Poker?

There are only 10 million valuable POKER tokens, that’s why the price is so high on, currently it is around 0.1 EOS.

9- What is the best part about communicating with the EOS community?

People are supportive and willing to work with each other, we have consensus to grow the EOS community and believe blockchain technology will be able to make difference in real life on EOS.

10- What is something that people might not know about your Dapp?

Well, this game is not so easy to build. Complex technology hides behind it.

11- Do you have anything you want to say as a parting note to the EOS community?

HOOOOOOLD EOS or buy some POKER tokens to gain continuous EOS dividends!

12- Where can people find you to ask questions?
You can join us in telegram:

Find EOS Poker at

On discord at

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  1. Ian Jeffreys @DNAian

    Wow, Matt do you sleep buddy? I love these speed interviews! You were just telling me last night on the Trybe telegram that you were going to try and do an interview with BetDice, but now I see you have done one with EOSPoker. Great information and hopefully your article will bring some of the EOSPoker group to Trybe. Did BetDice turn you down for an interview or is that still in the works? Cheers! Ian