In the most basic sense, ALL that exists in an economy is a byproduct of the Earth and its “eco”-systems (no surprise both ecology and economy have the root “eco”).  Both human “resources” and natural “resources” are the heritage of the Earth and obviously the well being of the environment and eco-systems that created them should be of utmost concern. These eco-systems allow for our continued prosperity and hence the well being of any economy existing on top of it.


If we take a moment to look at the underlying control systems of the economic system and look at how those systems are creating our current situation of environmental waist as well as it’s general disregard, maybe we can see ways to direct the development of new decentralized autonomous economies (DAE) built around automated blockchain systems with 100% transparency and hence, designed for fairness to all.  Lets see where this analysis takes us, shall we!?


Well there are so many, I’m sure to miss some (please suggest more in the comments below the article), but here goes anyways:

  • Disregard for the environment and ecosystem longevity
  •      Planned Obsolescence
  •      Dispose-ability
  •      Designs for Production Cost not Recycling Ease
  • Corporate Veil of Protection
  •      Externalization of Expenses
  •      Eternal “life” to amass assets
  •      Equal rights to a Living Man
  • Government Subservience to Corporate Supporters
  •      Military Industrial Complex
  •      Economic Hitmen
  •      Central Banking of Fractional Reserves
  •      Central “(un)trusted” 3rd Parties that can Block or Close Accounts
  • Money Supply
  •      No Money is Created to Pay Interest, Only to Lend Principle
  •      The Banks have a Policy of Inflationary Currency
  •      There is No Backing to the U$

Now that’s a BIG list,,, and I’m sure I’ve missed something(s) really important, but none the less, here we go with a deeper look.


Back in the day, there was a company called Bell Telephone and they were a virtual monopoly for landline communication.  You could not “buy” a phone back then, the Bell installer would bring you a phone that Bell owned and put it in your home.  Those phones were bulletproof, you couldn’t break them unless you were trying really hard, like with a sledgehammer.

Ya see, Bell Telephone had an interest in making a “reliable” phone, as it kept their maintenance costs down.  Now a days you have Apple Computer being caught making “mal-ware” that causes their last model iPhones to become slow,,,, why?  So that the customers will go buy the new model.  You see, if Apple can’t keep selling more phones their profits and hence stock price will go down.  Apple’s incentive is not for a “quality long lasting product”, no its just the opposite, their interest is a “pretty” phone that operates well in the beginning but is easily broken and programmed to become obsolete within a few years.


Of course “Tech” is not the only place this happens, it historically has happened in many industries, like the Automotive Industry (see the movie: TUCKER – A man and his dream).

If that were not enough, for similar reasons corporations and companies have an incentive to make disposable products as opposed to reusable products.  Also there is absolutely no incentive for a company to try and make a product that is easily recyclable, meaning the different materials are put together in a way that they are easily separate-able at the end of the products life cycle.  Currently the only design consideration is CHEAPNESS of MANUFACTURING.  Again the affects of this can be seen in the Automotive Industry where mechanics spend hours doing routine maintenance because there was never any consideration in the design for the work they would be doing later.  The only concern was “Sticker Price”.


Corporations are so ubiquitous today that most people think they have always been around. In fact many people that I have talked to believe that modern society could not run without corporations.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Historically the people knew that Corporations are subject to abuse.  For this reason corporations were only formed for TEMPORARY periods in order to perform PUBLIC SERVICE PROJECTS.  Corporations provide a “veil of protection” to its stockholders so that they are not personally liable for any injury or damages caused by the corporation.  For this reason a Corporation needs to be granted permission to exist by the State (the People).  In the past this was done for reasons like building a bridge to expand and make more accessible a town.  In such a case its not fair to put all the liability on the people doing the work, as they are not the prime beneficiary of the work, the town is.  In this way, the town can assume the liability of the individual workers thereby allowing the project to get completed.


  Corporations were never intended to take on lives of their own and continue throughout time, amassing and hording wealth in an ongoing effort to exist and expand at all costs.  The fact that they can do this, and are NOT “living men” and have no understanding or dependence on the health of the environment, is a major cause of our current situation.  In fact, pretty much since the 14th and 15th amendments to the US Constitution, Corporations have been considered EQUAL to LIVING MEN, as far as “Rights” are concerned.  This is a travesty, as it is obvious the value of a LIFE far exceeds the value 

of a “fictitious entity” created from ink on a piece of paper.


“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the Military Industrial Complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961


Yes, we were warned, but it doesn’t seem like anyone paid attention or cared. Hence we have what you see here today, trillions of dollars wasted on death and destruction with the sole beneficiary being the bank owned military industrial complex.

I think Major General Smedley Butler summed it up the best:

It would seem, based on the above facts, that the current economic system is controlled by the banks and the Military Industrial Complex and serve to line their pockets at the expense of everyone on the planet. But this isn’t the Bankster’s only tool of enslavement, no, they have Fractional Reserve Banking also. Yes, at this point it would seem that the economic system we live under is not made to help the common man and the prosperity of the planet, no not by a long shot, its obviously designed By & For the Benefit of the Banksters. This has to change.

In fact they have gotten so good with creating tools to achieve their domination of the world that now we have “Economic Hitmen” as describe by one:

And now all our money flows through these evil banks and at any moment they can restrict you participation in their economic channels. After all when you deposit money in a bank, it becomes an asset on their balance sheet, hence it is NO LONGER “Your Money”. How can an intelligent, humane people accept such an “economic” system? I find it repulsive.


The way money creation works is that if you deposit $100 in a Bank, then the bank is allowed to loan out $900 in loans, effectively creating the money out of nothing and charging interest for it. If this were done by anybody else it would be called “COUNTERFEITING”. The Government also creates money by issuing Bonds to the Federal Reserve Bank (a private bank) and they give the Treasury the equal amount of money. Unfortunately, just like with individual bank loans, the money to pay the Interest is never created, only the principal that was lent. This make repayment of all debts an impossibility as the money to pay the total debt doesn’t exist and was never created.

If that were not enough, they don’t just increase the money supply to match the increased veracity of the economy, no they create INFLATION. This effectively robs people of their savings and in so doing encourages people to SPEND their money now before it becomes less valuable tomorrow. This to helps the bank owned corporations (Investment Banks own a huge portion of the stocks and maintain a majority control). A University study was done and the connections of the System of Global Corporate Control was laid out, supported by the math and facts. It is a very interesting study:

All one can say is “WOW”, I mean only 700 “persons” (aka Corporations or men) control 80% of the International Corporations, and we know the corporations run the individual nation states. This is starting to look very bleak.

Finally we find that since 1971 the US dollar has no more backing. No gold in Fort Knox, no silver, only ink on paper and the Government’s promise to enslave the US citizenry if they can’t cover the debt.

“We’re in a lot of trouble” – Network



Well now that we have a handle on the source of the problems, it should be a fairly straight forward process to get to some ideas on how to:


  1. A currency should also be money – meaning a good currency is BACKED by something.
  2. Neither Inflation nor Deflation are good for an economy, a currency “value” should stay constant.
  3. A currency needs to be outside the control of governments that would cave to corporate bribes and abuse its power.
  4. If States won’t control their Corporate Entities, then those Corporations should be excluded from the benefits of a sound currency/money and economic system.
  5. A beneficial economic model would promote recycle-ability and re-use-ability in its most basic functioning.

These are excellent guidelines for creating a Decentralized Autonomous Economy (DAE) and I encourage everyone to play with ideas on creating one.  I do know of one project that addresses all of these issues, its call the Transitional Resource Monetary System (TRMS) and it currency/money $MRT that is backed by recyclable content in products. It was created around the same time Shitoshi was creating Bitcoin, of course back then it was not designed for a crypto environment, as one did not exist yet, but now it is being modified and the future looks bright.

Please take some time and read the following article to see how ideas like these can be created and implemented.  Thank you for reading and learning about the possibilities we now have to create a BETTER ECONOMY than ever could have existed in the past.



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  1. Atti

    Now, when I finished with your post, I have just sitting and I have just stared the wall and there are a lots of thought which circulating in my head. I saw those videos many-many years ago which you mentioned in your comment below but unfortunately I do not see to big changes on the world. We know those humans who are close to current goverments (politicians, lawyers, bankars, and so on), they are not interested to change current system because of the TRANSPARENCY is a biggest enemy in their life. Therefore they will fighting until their last breath against transparent blockchain (maybe they will implement it then if they can hide a small gates with privacy coins). I think it will be a very long journey and very long fight and the result is unpredictable because of we do not have too much time. Everybody knows there are two crazy words like “economic growth” and unfortunately too many man live who could sacrifice the life of the Earth for economic growth. I think the Earth will not let it! Otherwise this is a great post, I am glad to read it!

    1. TRUTH(@i-am) Post author

      The “beauty” is ,,,, we do not need them to implement a new system or change or stop their corrupt system,,, all we need to do is DEPLOY a new system that makes their system OBSOLETE…… for example the TRMS…. Once deployed the cat is out of the bag and they can do nothing,,, the people who want to participate will have a financial advantage,,, and the end result is the EARTH and all people win as the physical economy become a majority recycle-able….

      This is the grand PURPOSE of blockchain,,, not to include or conform to the old system,,, its purpose is simply to replace the old “by making it OBSOLETE” !!! – (buckminster fuller)

        1. TRUTH(@i-am) Post author

          I use to feel that way, before I understood blockchain. When I deduced the TRMS from the perspective of “most fair”, back around 2009-2010, I realized the government would never listen let alone implement the TRMS.

          Now I feel its a 50/50 chance we either Live in Paradise or we Kill Ourselves out of “self-interest” designed into the economic system. And once I get a team together to code the TRMS I will feel it is an 80/20 chance that we get Paradise.

          Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead

  2. Yanika

    @truth, after reading your post I am totally speechless. I will come later back here to write a detailed comment. It should be attached to the Everypedia, hehe!
    Already Bookmarked!

  3. Coley

    Fantastic read. Going into this, I expected to be reading for a while, but you got the job done very efficiently. It’s nice to see this type of conversation, originally written, and in various places. As an American citizen, you often hear how crypto isn’t backed by anything, so it has no value. I laugh, because in my and every other Americans case, bought our crypto with USD, which is what’s backing our portion of crypto, so they’re right. But that’s not why they want people to know they’re right. Aweareness and education will wake people up. Like I said, great write. I’m not going to rate it today so I can come back once I can stake my other tokens and participate in the token sale to give you what it’s really worth. Glad to see these issues brought up tactfully.

    P.S. I expected to read about Morgan’s influence in the Great Depression, or Woodrow Wilson selling the US out to the banks, but those would be an article in itself.

  4. CryptosDecrypted

    Excellent article Truth. That sure is a long and depressing list detailing the shortcomings of the current economic system. Important point about the morphing of corporations from temporary bodies to intergenerational behemoths. Let’s hope some of the solutions you outline come to pass. Bookmarked.

    1. TRUTH(@i-am) Post author

      Well,,, if I could get some people on board with me to help code the TRMS into a functioning crypto system,,, I think we could do something amazing.. but hardly anyone wants to (or is capable of) work for free,,, even if its a world changer. If you know any C++ back-end or blockchain programmers please send them my way!

  5. Adil Elias

    Such an interesting post, and even though I couldn’t stop reading I was meanwhile thinking about asking if you could write a follow up article about the solutions to the very problems you’ve diagnosed, with reason I must say.

    And sure enough… I keep reading and there it is, the corrections. 🙂 To me number 3 seems as the most pivotal of all, it’s like the fulcrum around the which many of these problems revolve and thus eliminating that problem could change a lot of things.

    Anyways, I speak too much sometimes. Great article as you’ve having us accustomed lately! Keep up the good work @i-am

    1. TRUTH(@i-am) Post author

      Of course all things lead back to the TRMS,,, as it is the first “logically designed for fairness and prosperity of ALL” economic system that I have ever come across. Definitely the “Egalitarian Standard” at the moment of this writing. I hope coders will want to participate with the development and deployment of this system on EOS,,, I think it would give EOS the “Most Beneficial Blockchain Deployed” reputation, and hence LOVE from all over the world.

  6. sandwichbill

    Yes, I remember seeing that Money Masters documentary, when it came out and it was a real eye-opener for me at the time. And there’s others like The Corporation and Chomsky’s Requiem for the American Dream. Anyway, what happen’s when somebody introduces fractional banking for Bitcoin, because somebody will?

    1. TRUTH(@i-am) Post author

      The people only need concern themselves with which system will serve their purposes best,,, the TRMS will always outperform any Fractional Reserve system,,, only the “Controller of Money Creation” benefits in a FRS,,, no one else.

      Yes, great videos:
      Money Masters
      Money as Debt
      Zietgeist Addendum
      Empire of the Cities – the Ring of Power

  7. Ilia

    Delightful post! I absolutely agree with you that corporations manipulate the economy, and governments print unsecured wrappers instead of real money! Blockchain is really a vaccine that it is high time to give to the world economy! Thank you, it was very interesting to read your article!

  8. Workin2005

    Great post @i-am. I agree…the current system is greatly flawed and needs to be replaced. That said, we have to make sure the new system doesn’t just replace one problem with another.
    People are imperfect…especially when they get a taste of power. How many times in history have we seen someone rise to power by condemning rich people or successful corporations. They promise to make everything more “fair” and “equal” if only you’ll give them the power to do it. This of course never works. They end up drunk on power, destroying the economy and usually killing or in prisoning anyone who speaks against them. We can NOT rely on centralized power of any sort to save the day. This is why blockchain is so exciting. It actually has the ability to expose corruption, forcing transparency and reducing the power any one person for group has. No longer do we have to “trust” anyone.
    Thanks for the insight!

    1. TRUTH(@i-am) Post author

      YES, and it ALSO has the potential to create INCENTIVES where the former “standard” economic systems norm is only “self interest”. We can have incentives to design for recycling and reuse, we can have incentives for renewable energy use, or incentives for gifting, there is no limit, only our imaginations and logic… its a bright future I think (or we all blow ourselves up and die)….. LOL

  9. Adil Elias

    One word: Mind-blown. Or is actually two words? Haha

    Man after reading your post, and despite the fact that I was already familiar with many of the discussed topics, there’s only one efficient solution that I can think of:

    The total separation of state and money, like the separation of state and church in the past. I think such a separation would an era of innovation with a much faster degree than we’ve seen before.

    Anyways, I’m still digesting your post. I might come back and comment again later but I want to commend you for the high quality of content that you provide.

    Awesome job @i-am!

  10. silvergoldcrypto

    @truth great post. My sentiments exactly: How can an intelligent, humane people accept such an “economic” system? I find it repulsive.

    On the point of inflation and deflation, there will however always be inflation and deflation in a real money system as well. Just not to to the extent of the debt-based monetary system.

    1. TRUTH(@i-am) Post author

      I think the TRMS does a very good job at addressing Inflation/Deflation. Of course there will always be other currencies (eg. XRP) and monies (BTC etc.) that are either deflationary or inflationary,,, people will always have choices of investments and storage.

  11. SugarFix

    It’s not new actually. DAOs/DAEs and what is built around them is just a form of corporatism which was introduced at the beginning of the 20thC by the Catholic Church in response to anarcho syndicalism/unionism which are left of center. Corporatism is a socially conservative form of syndicalism. It is what developed into the Christian Democrat ideas of Germany and Scandinavia. The only difference is the names. Now some people will argue that putting governance on the blockchain as form of autonomous contract makes it different however it really doesn’t as autonomous governance is just a reflection of the humans that put it there.

    1. TRUTH(@i-am) Post author

      It depends on what is allowed to be governed. Its the “Rules of the Game” that can be changed by anyone anytime they want to deploy a DAE model. If you design a system so that its not possible to “vote” yourself an advantage, people won’t vote themselves an advantage. If you make a system where food is FREE, no one will steal food. TRMS is not “Corporatism” (body corporal), its “contract structure” that is ONLY used if one agrees to use it. The “DAO/DAE” you speak of above is one imposed at the tip of a sword. In fact it is not a PURE entity, its one used by the existing powers that be to try and benefit from the new structures before the “new rules of the game” are fully realized. The PARADIGM hasn’t changed yet,,, but the TRMS is the PARADIGM CHANGER!

      1. SugarFix

        “TRMS is not “Corporatism” (body corporal), its “contract structure” that is ONLY used if one agrees to use it.” Corporatism has nothing to do with what you think of as large limited companies. Corporatism is a form of Libertarianism. Something that only exists because its members say it does is a syndicate. The type of syndicate that you describe in your post is a form of syndicalism called corporatism.

          1. SugarFix

            The point being the idea is not new. It has just been reinvented with new names given to to the concepts. It could turn out utopian but equally it could turn out dystopian. Mostly it depends on how a power base is formed. If there is no room for “discovery” an oligarchy will form extremely quickly. Discovery being the opportunity for even the newest member to gain entrance and progress in way through the hierarchies determined by wealth. Power and access is determined by wealth so wealth itself form the basis for the hierarchy. Mentorship by the powerful, brown-nosing and the formation of mutually beneficial peer groups also play a role. That means you can mentor with or without prejudice. ie you seek to help someone regardless of whether you like them/their ideas or not or only help those that believe in your ideas/you like.

            1. TRUTH(@i-am) Post author

              OK, now I understand what I need to explain about the TRMS to you.

              What you say above is the historical truth of all the systems tried before (as far as I know) and that is why the cTRMS is being developed.

              The TRMS has no “Governance”. It will have a programmed structure that is only slightly variable to allow for expansions into new materials categories. It gives financing for recyclable materials in a product and 1/2 the labor expense. In exchange for the financing all products are available for sale in the currency $MRT giving a use case value to it. The $MRT is backed by the physical asset value of the recyclable content in the products (making it real money). The rest of the $MRT crated for labor gets burned when the product is sold.

              No where in there is there a way for any group to gain advantage, not even the “wealthy”,,, no ologarchy, no democracy, no nothing… its a FIXED system.

              If later someone wants to make version 2.0 they can, but the original will still be functioning for those who don’t want to leave

              1. SugarFix

                “The TRMS has no “Governance”.” I’m sorry but you keep describing corporatism. The idea of your immutable fixed systems where no one can attain greater gain than others derive directly from mercantilism. In fact it is the founding stone. Also by creating a currency in this setting that is backed by the process it attends to would make it autakical. Diktat by the process. That’s quite ironic actually as Eisenhower’s industrial military complex idea is an example of diktat by the process too – something in which democracy didn’t play a part and could function outside of it.

                1. TRUTH(@i-am) Post author

                  I still do see the relevance of your point, or its relevant observations on the TRMS’es affects on quality of life (hence freedom), the environment, and the ease of making a profit in a competitive economy (that exists today) fighting against corporations. I only see labels in the form of words,, aka “semantics”.

                  1. SugarFix

                    Yes it is all semantics really. It is also anything but freedom – in order to participate you abide by the diktat. Don’t take me the wrong way. I do agree with a lot of your post regarding the problems we have with limited resources and companies that abuse consumer needs by using planned obsolescence. It’s just I think the solution you present is not new. Just new labels.

  12. Marcus

    ” Based on the above facts, it will appear that the current economic system is controlled by banks and the Military Industrial Complex, and serves to align pockets at the expense of everyone on its planet. ” Yes, it looks. This is beautiful.