In this article, I wish to detail Trybe’s competitive landscape. There are other major performers in the industry that have similar target markets. Each social network listed has broad similarities and many specific differences. These other performers are Steemit, Medium, and Minds. I will write on their profiles, competitive advantages, and pricing of products and services.

Trybe is a blockchain media system designed to reward people looking to educate or learn in a crowdsourced environment. Information is given exposure and curated by the community to provide a credible channel for gaining insight on a variety of topics. Trybe creates abundant value for each of its usertypes including active and passive earning opportunities. It strives to provide a relevant, safe, ethical, and humane environment with shared value, digital ownership, liberty, and earned reputation.

Trybe will operate on the EOS platform ensuring instantaneous and feeless transactions. It seeks to evolve the ways media is participated in through building a solid community motivated by generous opportunities. The ecosystem will be loaded with prizes for engaging in multiple activities. The site is designed to boost productive social endeavors through fun ways users collaboratively interact. Trybe brings a change to common social media channels by introducing easy access to monetary benefits. It accomplishes this by redirecting revenue towards involvement allowing users to prosper along with the company in a decentralized fashion. Trybe limits abuse through several safeguards protecting against corruption, misinformation, spam, collusion, sybil, whales, and more. This system seeks to feature a richer paradigm for social networking and plans to incorporate with other revolutionary industry technologies arising in the crypto space.

Account generation is free and quick. Each article is reviewed to grant initial exposure and token earning opportunity. Spam is prohibited and rejected in the article review process, it is limited by a small 50T fee to post, which is easily regained by a reviewer’s upvote. IP addresses are limited to prevent sybil and there are more features being discussed for the future to further enforce a genuine userbase that avoids single users with multiple accounts. Max reputation and reward strategies reduce whale dominance and seek balance within the community.

Trybe will offer many services beyond social networking profiles, chats, and groups. Many features offered will involve token incentives. These include airdrops, presale, ico, staking, webhosting, advertising, intensity, reviewing, upvoting, posting, translating, job boards, editing, and possibly more to come that are in discussion and on the table of ideation.

Airgrab was the method Trybe used to provide the first airdrop, it cost about 240 bytes of Ram which was not more than .20 cents. Users continue to receive airdrops throughout Trybe’s beta period for holding tokens their EOS account. There has also been circumstances that have given rise to receive airdrops for onsite token holdings. In Trybe’s presale the token cost is .01 cent. Trybe’s ico will occur after the presale, the price will be set by the market. Staking will earn user’s up to 50% of inflation based on the amount of token holder participation. Onsite tokens will be able to be staked for webhosting or rented out for the proceeds. Advertisement is pay per click and was last 200T for 10 clicks, 285T for 15, or 360T for 20. Intensity refers to the revenue from advertisement and goes towards rewards in the categories they appear. Reviews earn based on how many upvotes they receive and the reputation score of upvoters. Upvotes receive earnings based on the order, popularity, and the amount of upvotes given to a post. Posting costs 50T. Translations will receive 50% of rating rewards. Job boards will offer a place for people to earn for work bids. Editors currently earn hourly for work.

Steemit is a decentralized content platform that awards contributors with cryptocurrency. It is a crypto community and database that collected working practices from social media and past crypo projects to achieve a successful large userbase. Participation happens through shared content and comments which have 7 days to be voted and receive rewards.

Steemit is fast and allows users to post all types of content to the platform. This even extends to include adult content. A flagging feature allows users to downvote posts they don’t approve of. Plagiarism or spam are a couple reasons a user would use this feature. Downvotes damage the author’s reputation score, affect the post’s visibility, and depreciates its earning potential. To protect against sybil attacks, free account generation requires a phone number and goes through a process of approval which takes a long time. Alternatively, one can pay to create an account and quickly move past the extended waiting process.

Steemit offers content promotion which gives the article a rank order in the promoted content section determined by the amount paid to promote. Regular posting is free of charge. Spam that occurs can be flagged as a downvote, as an article receives  flags it loses visibility. Bots operate on the platform for both good and bad. Initial exposure can be difficult for new users and is helped by promoting. Users earn rewards on the site through posting and commenting.

Medium is a blogging platform that features numerous high quality authors and stories. The community can clap for articles which serves to curate the best takes and content on various subject matter. It has an appealing minimalist layout and attracts depthful engagement. It has by far one of the highest quality writing community userbases.

Medium prioritizes quality by using metrics that favor higher reading times. Articles that connect with readers and get them to spend time inside generally attract loyalty traits within a community. This has served them well by attracting the best writing levels and devoted followers. It boosts SEO and powerfully channels thought leadership to collect on the platform. Medium has a very active userbase, impressive content, and great engagement. Spam, hate speech, exploitation, graphic content, threats, and harassment are prohibited and do not find a place on the platform per its rules.

Medium provides the option for users to post paid content which requires a premium membership to access. The cost to for the upgraded services is $5 a month or $50 a year. It includes access to the paid content, audio stories, offline articles, and digital magazines. Membership fees are distributed to authors based on the amount of applause they receive from paid members.

Minds is a tokenized social network focused on privacy, freedom of speech, and uncensored content sharing. It tries to combat the exploitative, intrusive, and restrictive practices of current top social media platforms. It offers services rivaling facebook, youtube, and twitter.

Minds is free and full of features to exist as a facebook alternative. It has a messenger chat system, newsfeed for subscriptions, and public profile channels. Users can post status updates, write blog posts, and boost content. Images and videos may be uploaded, public and private groups can be created, and tokens can be wired to other users for paid subscriptions or tips toward enjoyable content. The platform is tokenized so user engagement rewards others and community participation is rewarded. This includes likes, subscriptions, comments, reposts, shares, check-ins, and on-chain transactions. All users have an onsite wallet which collects their earnings and records transactions. Users are allowed free speech, limited by direct harassment and violence.

Revenue re-enters the Minds ecosytem through boosted impressions, plus membership, and hosted nodes. The impressions cost 1000 tokens for 1000 feed appearances. The Minds plus membership is $5 a month enabling profile verification and removing boosted content from appearing on user’s feeds. Hosted nodes allow apps and custom social networks to pay monthly fees to create customizable social community spaces.

Those were the profiles, competitive advantages, and products/services pricing for Trybe, Steemit, Medium, and Minds. They form the major players in Trybe’s competitive landscape. There are certainly other platforms that could be covered. Ethereum has Sola- and Sapien- Bitcoin Cash has Matter-, Blockpress-, and Memo- to name a few. Trybe will offer the most features for tokenized earning and strive to outperform its competition. It is constantly improving and beginning to blossom on its way to flourishing. Being richly involved with developing methods to involve the community, Trybe plans to grow into a market leader and powerhouse for rewarding a massive userbase. Trybe will be second to none as it comes to becoming a place where people can join and greatly benefit.

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    Very good comparison. Steemit lost me when they gave me a really complicated password I lost when I changed my computer. Since it couldn’t be retrieved and I couldn’t make a new account, that was the end of my Steemit adventures. Probably for the best. I prefer Trybe.