When it comes to Antalya, Antalya resorts and all-inclusive system because of the hotel does not go outside, spending little money is coming. However, there are many options to see and see in Antalya.

Like many places in Anatolia, the history of Antalya is very old. Before the 2nd century BC the King of Pergamum II. The city of Attalos, which was founded on the order to find me a heaven on earth, was taken from II Attalos. The only ete Attalos Dormitory benz which means eh Attalos Dormitory du is not only the Pergamans who made the city look like heaven. In the spring of 1930, Atatürk said, en Antalya is undoubtedly the most beautiful place in the world hiç for the first time.

When the Kingdom of Pergamum was demolished, the city, which was first dominated by pirates and then by Roman and Byzantine Empire, passed into the hands of the Turks during the Anatolian Seljuk period. After the Ottoman Empire, the city under the Italian occupation after the First World War. War is one of today’s most important tourism centers of the city during the Republic of Turkey purged from the Italians.

Perge Antique City of Antalya

Based on the ancient history of the city, another ancient city from all over is gushing. The first ancient city of Perge, which is also called the al Water City Asp because of the ancient city of Aspendos, the Temple of Apollo in Side and the ancient city of Side, the great baths and the fountains of the Aspendos Theater. If you are interested in ancient cities, there are more than 10 ancient cities in the city. In addition, you can also see the Antalya Archeology Museum located in Konyaalti.

Do not be stuck in the hotel when you go to Antalya. There are many historical and touristic places in the city. Antalya is not only sea, sand and sun. It is worth seeing the historical sites beside its magnificent nature.

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