Hello friends, while taking time off, I often play the game I will review below,

A glimpse of the Angry Birds 2 game which still uses the same gameplay as previously published. in this game, hordes of green pigs steal the eggs of the angry birds, and the angry birds and their friends want to take back their stolen eggs. Each level has the same mission of destroying the green pig’s fortress with limited strength or bullets.

But there is something different about Angry Birds 2. In the latest Angry Birds series, each level now has several stages, each of which has to destroy the green pig fort, while in the previous series each level has only one stage. Then what changes is the characters in Angry Birds are represented in the form of cards, we are free to use which Angry Birds characters, and keep in mind that each level we only get one card for one type of bird that has different abilities.

This is what makes Angry Birds 2 a little more challenging. With this new system, of course we have to be careful in using one Angry Birds character, because if we don’t succeed in destroying the fortress the character cannot be played again which will certainly be a loss for us. We will get an additional card each reaching a certain score. And if you run out of cards while the green pig’s castle hasn’t been destroyed, the game will end.

In addition to Angry Birds 2, there is now a boss level. The bosses of the green pig will appear at the end of the stage, and this boss has a high cellphone. Gamers must look around the boss to see various kinds of elements that can be used to destroy the green pig boss.

In Angry Birds 2 there is a new feature called Spells. With these spells, it will provide a big advantage for us to be able to weaken or destroy the green pig’s castle. Like for example the Golden Duck spell, which will make a rain of golden duck above the green pig’s fortress, or there is also a spell that can make the fort frozen, and much more. But this spell can only be used a few times, and the price is also not free, we can buy it using a gem.

And the last thing to remember is that we cannot just retry the level because Rovio only gives 5 times the opportunity in the form of images of the heart. 5 times this opportunity also applies if we cannot complete the level. Heart images will increase again after a certain period of time. So we can’t play long, like the previous series.

Waktu Istirahat Saya Bersama Game Angry Birds 2

Waktu Istirahat Saya Bersama Game Angry Birds 2

Posted by Bustami Ibrahim on Monday, January 7, 2019

That’s a little polish in my language about this game, warm greetings to friends all:

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