Hi Trybe, I’m anime-cosplay photographer. I would like to show you some cosplay photos I’ve taken in Poland on two biggest local conventions.
First ones are from Pyrkon – the largest fantasy/cosplay event in Poland and one of the biggest in Europe – 43 000~44 000 people.

This was Sagiri from Eromanga-Sensei in normal version by Lia Cosplay.
I found other version of the same character as well:

Next cosplay is Violet from Violet Evergarden by Maggy:

This is not photoshop. This brooch was like that, my friend joked that it was the best part of her costume, for sure the most fantasy-like. I was  disappointed by this anime (Violet Evergarden), because trailer looked so much better (in overall and animation quality) than actual serie, and in trailer was fantasy-like scene where main-heroine was riding a big axe in the air, but nothing like that was in anime, it turned out to be slice-of-life, with zero fantasy elements. Fortunately this Violet cosplay was not disappointing.

This was Lia again, but with her Maika waitress dress from anime Blend S.
Lastly, from Pyrkon, I present you Alice from game SINoALICE:

Next photos I will show you are from other event – Magnificon Expo in Cracov.
This is Akariia with her Will of the Abyss from Pandora Hearts:

Next will be Marusera Yumeart with her Tamamo no Mae from Fate game series:

For the end Maggy with Akariia together:

They look like cute dolls. ^^

So this was my showcase of some of polish anime-cosplay scene in 2018 from my perspective. Photos were taken on two biggest polish cosplay events oriented fully (Magnificon) or partially (Pyrkon) on anime culture. In future I’ll show you my cosplay photo-sessions from 2018.

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All my cos-photos in HQ can be seen here: www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums
And you can follow me on fb: www.facebook.com/TrueCosplayStudio

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