Project Overview

Wow, the eagle has landed; the long awaited solution (Apollonia) to Healthcare system is here. You’ve got no excuse not to be part of this revolutionary ecosystem.

Information indeed is power and if you really want be the relevant in any place of the society, and any other fields, then you need information to stand out and be steps ahead of others. So many people have lost millions of money investing in the cryptocurrency just because they good information of the projects they invested in. It’s worthy to note that crypto investments which are online investments based on the blockchain technology are very much profitable, but without the proper knowledge, things can turn the other way round. Sit back and relax with a cup of wine as I bring to you crypto finest crypto Healthcare project that will guarantee your Complete wellbeing and maximum returns to investors- Apollonia

Apollonia is a revolutionary decentralized medical ecosystem rooted on blockchain technology to solve all tackle all issue bothering the health sector. The ecosystem includes; includes electronic health records, telemedicine, medical tourism, drug trade, indemnification policies, and the development of open markets to trade medical data. Patients, medicos and clinics, indemnification companies and pharmacies, online pharmacies, researchers and licit practitioners are the core audience of this project.

The introduction of blockchain technology allows for electronic transactions to occur in a secure, deterministic, and tamper-proof way. This is because, blockchains can contain information regarding asset movement and otherwise, it is possible to place special computer software on blockchains to be executed by a network of computers, called smart contracts.

The cryptocurrency craze reached its most recent peak in 2017. Together with their growth in popularity and interest, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are being applied to different industries, ranging from finance, to Healthcare, gambling, supply chain, manufacturing, trade, commerce and more.

The project objective the project is to build Apollonia platform that will ensure that personal data are protected, Convenient and proper medical data management from one safe location, and ascertain safe interaction between all industry participants that will increment the caliber of comfort and chargeback and also to ensure that opportunities are provided for indemnification companies, medicines and medical product suppliers, research centers, pharmaceutical companies and lawyers to interact liberatingly with clinics, medicos and patients in the health care accommodations market.

In the world today, there are a lot of challenges bothering the health sector. The healthcare sector is one (if not) of the most important of sector in the globe. Health they say is wealth but often times people fail tend to trade their wellbeing to making money. They often forget to take care of their health, some on the other hand engage in all manners of drugs abuse. Despite the advancement of technology in the global institutions with mind-set of removing the prevailing barriers in the medical system, lot of issue affecting the system is unfortunately still yet unsolved. The main challenges facing the healthcare industries cut across; Poor Patients’ Data management, Inadequate Data security and authenticity, lack of comfortable medical services, lack of medical data market and rigid payment system.

The above challenges births Apollonia project which is a game changer. With the increasing adoption of the blockchain technology however, Apollonia platform is able to improve Health, Reduce Costs, Save Life, We are revolutionizing health and improving drug adherence. Healthcare is changing forever and Apollonia platform stands at the cutting edge of this transformation as its mission is to ensure that ideas automate and simplified all processes of patient interaction with doctors, clinics and other medical service providers.

Apollonia does not only Provide personalized tools for each medical industry participant -Provides the ability to quickly find doctors, clinics, insurance companies, medicines, medical information; – Ensure safe interaction of users – Ensure compliance with agreements between users through (Smart Contract) smart contracts, but also ensures reliable and fast transactions with Apollo coins, as well as convenient fiat currency payments

Token/ICO Details

Name of Token: Apollonia Healthcare

Token Code: APOLLO

Total Supply: 2 500 000 000 APOLLO

APOLLO Token Price: 1 APOLLO = 0.03 USD

ICO start date: 15.11.2018

Acceptable currencies: (BTC, ETH, BCC, EOS, ONT etc.)

Project Roadmap


Apollonia project is initiated and backed with professionals with unquestionable wealth of experiences in areas such as finance, coding, information technology, blockchain, etc. Our team believes in the disruptive power of smart contracts, and will dedicate significant efforts to make them accessible, bringing the objectives and goals of the project into reality. So with them on the Apollonia project wheel, you can be rest assured that your investment is in the right platform.

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