AQwire is a real-estate transaction platform based on the blockchain. The goal of the project is to make international property purchases more simplified for both the developers and potential investors. The project is under the umbrella of Qwikwire which is already established in the business of payment processing for international property purchase in the SE Asia region.
About the Project

The ultimate goal of the project is to provide a reliable platform where both developer and investor can be more closely connected. This connection allows the platform to disrupt the usual system. In doing this, the company hopes to see a variety of benefits to all sides involved.

Facilitation of a faster and much less complex transaction thanks to greatly improved medium of communication.
Ease of access for developers to a ready pool of overseas investors without having to emply the costly services of an agency.
Similar access for investors to a variety of international properties which were previously difficult to access without local knowledge and connections.
An entirely lower cost transaction, as the requirement for brokers, middlemen and intermediaries is removed, so too the cost of doing business is reduced. This can ultimately be reflected in the property sale price with up to 40% saved.


The AQwire ICO is based in the Philippines and the only acceptable currency for purchase of tokens during the ICO shall be Ethereum.

Token pre-sale is set to begin on May 15th with the company promoting an ICO bonus offering of between 10%-30% on purchases.

The token will have a non-discounted price of $0.15 per 1QEY token. There is a minimum required investment of 0.1ETH and residents of the United States, China, and South Korea will be unable to participate in this ICO.
The Token

There will be a total supply of 180,000,000QEY tokens. 99,000,000 (55%) of these will be made available during the ICO period. Of the remaining tokens, 20% will be allocated to network growth and expansion, 10% for the benefit of property developers joining the platform, 5% to employees, advisors and founders of AQwire, 5% to specialized talent and 5% as a pool for bounties.

The token is ERC20 standard and no new tokens will be created in future. Similarly, the company states that no tokens will be destroyed.

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