Arbitao is a new service that performs arbitrage. Arbitrage is a financial activity on a market by selling it on another market, that is, exploiting price differences to make a profit.

Arbitrao offers investment packages starting at $ 1001. See growing your investment at risk 0 is a good feeling, I assure you. I have three packages that are yielding well.

The new packages are three months and allow an excellent return estimated at about 0.50% per day. Not bad! Especially considering the percentage of very low risk.

How can I use Arbitao?

Simple, just click on the following link:

Completed the registration procedure you will be immersed in the technology of the platform that turns out to be really simple to use.

To open your first investment package, you must transfer your BTCs or other accepted crypts and purchase the platform token with them from ATAO. ATAO has a proprietary #blockchain such as #bitcoin and #Ethereum but is a coin based on the proof of stake. After completing the ICO phase you can also download the wallet and make ATAO staking.

Bought the ATAO you just have to go on the navigation bar and click on investments – new investment.

DONE! You do not know, but you are already starting to make money.

This is my situation at October 29, 2018

I have 3 active packages that are generating profits. I immediately entered the platform and at that time 100-dollar packages were available. Now the minimum investment, I repeat, is $ 1001.

Currently I have three active bronze floors that have produced an average return in line with what was declared by the site. So the rewards are respected.

There is an affiliation program based on 3 levels that allows you to receive percentage on the revenue of the people you have invited and who have registered with your recommendation.

In conclusion, I can state that in the risky landscape of the crypts, Arbitao represents a risk-priced opportunity with sustainable interests.


Although not an invitation to invest but only the report of my operations, because even if the risk appears minimal but still there is, I recommend you access the platform and study. You could be favorably impressed.

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