Being old is a destiny but being mature or mature is a choice.

When you think of giving up and despairing, try to remember what your purpose was before.

By complaining we have closed our way, why? Because complaining means that we don’t believe that everything is arranged by the creator.

By complaining that we have created a new problem, why ?Because complaining means that we have prejudiced the creator.

By Complaining we will be difficult to be happy, because complaining will only keep us away from affection. Because if our hearts only contain complaints, we will forget the way to be grateful.

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Therefore stop complaining, because complaining is the root of the problem, live life with love and affection, then happiness is what we will receive. continue your life with gratitude, confident in a spirit of struggle for your own life.

complaining is something that is not good, and without us realizing it by complaining means we are not grateful for the blessings that God has given us. The best thing is to always be pleased with His provisions, and do the best to get His pleasure.

Without us knowing we often measure ourselves by comparing people up and not down. Maybe it’s time for us to look down to see how many people aren’t as lucky as us. Let’s be grateful for what God has given us. Remember We must be grateful not because we are happy, but we are happy because we are always grateful.

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Keep in mind..!!!!!!

Are we difficult? there must be something more difficult than us.

Are we sad? there must be someone who is sadder than us.

We suffer? there must be more suffering from us.  Apparently we are happier than they are. Look around us before we complain about our situation.

So actually people with lower class who are always grateful are richer and better than people who are rich in wealth but never grateful. So from that than we complain is not clear, it would be good for us to always be grateful for this life. enjoy this colorful life and story. then God willing, our life will feel more beautiful.

Thanks for reading..

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  1. James Diegel

    I think we all need words of wisdom like this to give ourselves (and our society) a reality check every once in a while. Just tonight I was watching a video where one of the main characters remarked ‘everyday is a gift, so there is no reason to be happy’. It’s funny though really, because as I have witnessed in some of my travels, it is those with the least that are often the happiest. While spending a short span of time with some children at a very small local school/orphanage in the Cambodian countryside, I actually remember how confused I was when I finally left. At first I couldn’t fathom the hardships that those children went through on a daily/seasonal basis, but when it finally came time to leave, I had become rather confused by my own emotions – for as you say I realized from my time with them that for the most part, these children were quite possibly some of the happiest children I had ever met. It took me a long time to process this, and I’m not sure if I ever completely will, but it seems to me that those who live day by day with little choice in the matter due to matters beyond their control seem to really understand the value of life and true meaning of happiness. Anyway Anderscoter88, thanks for your great words of compassion to those in the world living with less, and for reminding especially me of a time that sometimes I become too busy and self engrossed to grasp those lessons previously learned as I really should 🙂

    1. Andescoter88 Post author

      you are right, really true happiness cannot be bought with money, sometimes we forget small things in order to achieve greater. so we forget to be grateful, thank you. your response really touched my heart. Thanks for partisipasion brother

  2. Rezoanul Vibes

    Complaining is not going to solve anything. If you don’t like something or want to make a change, then take action instead of complaining.

    The thing is, we often take it for granted what we have. Unfortunately, we do not realize that until we lose that. So be grateful for what you have and work for what you want to achieve.