The drawing you see in the picture above is a gift that was made to me by a friend known online, precisely on Steemit, his name is Ryo and he lives in Japan, I personally consider him an excellent artist as well as a very kind person , always ready to help others. The one on the left of the drawing is me and the one on the right is Steemitri, also called the Mannequin, the ones above the hats we carry are bananas, used on the occasion of the Stellabelle‘s Banana program. Funny exepriences that I enjoyed a lot, is nice to know good and nice people online who can really surprise you! I got to know in person the myth behind the mannequin and he’s an exceptional person!

Another great guy with whom I became friends is ran.koree, a street artist from Milan (Italy) which like making murals and graffiti, who was really kind to make me a sketch with the abbreviation of my nickname that I use from many years on the web, if you find dexpartacus on some site, 99.9% of times is me!

 In the picture down below his works!

Two unique and completely different styles, Ryo works at home with ancient materials as he declared in his post:

I do not have a computer, so my only digital equipment is smartphone! Is a very time-consuming task, but I prefer manual works. Besides, my Japanese paper “Washi” is not compatible with digital equipment. All my pictures are drawn in Washi. To be honest, the difference with ordinary paper is hard to understand with pictures. But the feeling when touching is quite different. It can feel leaves and wood fibers. Washi is registered as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

Ran is a futurist artist, he works in the street with the cans and at home with is markers on paper sheets, as well with the computers. If you are curious about their work, check their blog, I left you the hypertext link on their nicknames, I hope that they will come soon here on Trybe too!

Me and Steemitri by @ryo-6414


Dex sketches by @ran.koree

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  1. Zeus69

    I dig the T-shirt, I need to get myself one with “Crypto Poet” or maybe a tatoo, 😉
    Maybe your buddy can do me a logo, 🙂
    Great post, I will have to pop by again to rate, due to the 2 day issue.
    Mark (Zeus69)

      1. Zeus69

        Nah its okay was just teasing, I am sure I can get it done here in Cape town, I know a few graphic artists, and screen printers.
        Rated you my friend, its a pleasure to read your posts.
        Mark (Zeus69)