A recent study shows that when Bitcoin has had a hard time, the mainstream media’s negative news about crypto money increases. At the same time, the media’s interest in crypto is growing in this context.

According to a research by blockchain company CLOVR, Bitcoin is the top currency of the mainstream media as it comes down from the highest value of all time seen earlier this year.

In the CLOVR report, Bitcoin shows that the mainstream media has a high interest in the rise in price. However, the main point is that the interest is even higher during the price drop. he repeated himself in the first seven months of this year:

The decrease of bitcoin also attracts people’s attention

The mainstream media is much more comfortable with such collapsing situations, while those who are interested in the market begin to see them all over the place. For example, a significant drop in bitcoin’s price of support coincided with the fact that the search for the Bitcoin keyword in the Google search engine reached the top of eight months. In this case, shows that consumer demand is a key factor in this process.

The CLOVR report also shows that Bitcoin was mostly positive in its early days, but the flagship Krypto has begun to lose its reputation for money. According to CLOVR, there were more positive articles about Bitcoin until about two years ago. However, as prices rose in the middle of last year, there was an increase in the number of articles with negative views.

The situation is getting worse by the end of last year. The price of bitcoin began to decline with the increase in the number of negative articles.

Which is the closest mainstream media opinion to bitcoin?

According to CLOVR, media outlets with conservative and centrist tendencies, as well as technology media outlets, have more negative feelings in their coverage. With 88.7 percent of the conservative media outlets, it appears to have the highest negative outlook. In centralised media, the Bitcoin opinion rate was 68.2 percent negative. As for technology publications, the percentage of issues with negative views was 42.3 percent, while content with positive views was 57.7 percent.

On the other hand, media organizations that identify liberal financial and economic media houses are producing more positive content about Bitcoin. In the liberal media wing, the percentage of studies with positive views over bitcoin was 51.7 percent. Financial/economic publications and channels were recorded as 54.4 percent and the highest level of Bitcoin coverage.

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