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The Beginning 

I want to introduce :   The Hot Pot

After a long and delayed flight from Germany , Frankfurt  i arrived aroud 10 pm in Hanoi .

 The wheater was cloudy , rainy  ; Like in Germany the weeks before.

I met with my friends in front of a big building , and they came out , laughing and happy to tell me that our first booking was a fake but that they met Son at the same adress. Son offered us to stay in his house next to his family . So we started with the typical and loved behaviour from so many People out of SEA ( South East Asia )

We went out  for eating  a traditional vietnamese Hot Pot.

That was a MUST-HAVE ! For different taste you can add Seefood/ Meat or just some pieces of Mushrooms.

We enjoyed all together and after  a few beers we decided to go to our homestay.

We arrived and Son showed me everything .

It was a really nice  flat on the 33.floor with an amazing view over the city.

 On the following days Son cooked many times  for us all.

 We ate very good traditional food and it was a great way to learn more from their culture.

Later we decided to take some other beers and a friend and me went to the roof on the 44. floor.

The wheater was still rainy . It was the first Night of my journey and we talked until the sun comes through the cloudy sky.


 On this Picture you can see Son and his father (to the right)  ,
Andrea and me (to the left ) 


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  1. Tony Lee

    Good luck with with your travel in Vietnam! Many places to see and lots to eat, Vietnamese Lau or Hot Pot is fantastic food to eat together. If you feel adventurous, try the Lau Ca Keo next time.

    1. Marcel Post author

      Thank you 😉 i loved it , after that i went to cambodia , it was awesome ! I will try next time
      You think i should write in another time phrase ? because i liked that way i wrote it
      One Year ago but i can feel the journey again 😛
      Greets and special thanks to you 😉