I feel obliged to talk and review this game that now we all know both players and not, have heard of the saga of Assassins Creed … famous for its narrative Stories that with a pinch of imagination can overwhelm even those who have never love the story! An example is just me that with the history books I did not have a great relationship but I have to be honest that this saga is not only an adventure game but also very interactive …



The story of this game is very interesting: we are in ancient Greece during the Peloponnese War. Where you have the chance to meet historical figures like Socrates, Heracles, Hippocrates, Euripides or Herodotus … and thanks to the dialogues you can perceive how the authors of the game have tried to keep in these characters their motif and historical character that precisely describe the ancient characters;

The game begins as a first time in its saga with the possibility of choosing the initial character with Alexios or Kassandra, I choosing Alexios I can only describe the story of it! Son of a Spartan warrior: Nicolao called the Wolf of Sparta thanks to his wars won against the Athenians decides to throw down his firstborn as a prophecy said that his son would be the cause of the destruction of all Greece … but Alexios did not accept the gesture and I try to save the child by rushing to the prophet but lecose did not go in the right direction and so the wolf of Sparta decides under the order of the prophet to throw even the poor boy who will be called then Misthios (mercenary) throughout the game this thanks to the fact that it survived during the long fall in the sea ..

The boy will grow up wrapped in his thousand questions and thanks to an assignment of having to cross the Greek sea and killing his father will find himself having to decide the fate of many other lives … discovering more of his past than a sister still alive and in She looks for her mother who is convinced she has lost her two sons … annihilating the whole vast map with islands, submerged cities and big cities like Athens, Argo, Ithaca and many others … in the company of Leonida’s broken spear a conspiracy call Sect of Cosmos that in addition to the purpose of reigning over the whole of Greece creating chaos among the population and then come out savior of the war …


As a playability I must admit that it is very addictive the character’s blindness with 3 class bands: assassin-warrior-archer with the many skills below with the ability to learn one for each level advance .. is also the improvement of the launch of Leonida that allows you to have part of the powers out of the ordinary!

An innovative thing is the great ship with which to face the real maritime wars destroying enemy ships improving more and more and recruiting pirates or warriors to carry with you during all the clashes .. I also noticed really many secondary missions, seem infinte accompanied by classic contracts both by land and by sea make this game truly endless but overwhelming at the same time!


As graphics I have to compliment the creators because for such a vast world and to be attentive to many details it’s not easy but I have to admit that a great job has come out. Reviving ancient Greece is a journey that I would dream of doing in the distant one was to see the wonders of those times like the great Athens:


The beautiful sea floor or the darkest and most fascinating forests and the details of all the characters make this game a true potential of the new era of graphics.

A game in my opinion to try both for the engaging storyline and for the adventure and interactivity makes a journey in time different from the usual game!

                       STORY = 7                    LONGEVITY=9               GRAPHICS=8    

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  1. James Diegel

    Hmm… I don’t play games much these days, but in the past I have been addicted to anything with a Greek or mythological presence. I must admit, this looks really cool and likely at some point will try it out 🙂