Gauge your ability as an effective leaders respond to the following statement, and mark the option closest to your experience. Be as honest as you can: if yours is “never “, mark option 1; if it is always “, mark Option 4; and so on. Add your scores together, and refer to the analysis to see your scored. Use your answer to identify the areas that need improving .

1: ignore employees small mistake and focus on more important matter.

2: be able to accept criticism and always react to it well.

3: relax at work and keep clam when dealing with other.

4: extremely secure and confident in what you undertake.

5: keep professional and personal relationship separate.

6: give credit to the team as a while when high levels of productivity are achieved.

7: see as a fair and person who never takes side.

8: convey feeding of security and tranquillity to the team.

9: convey a sense of friendliness and concern for the problems of other.

10: treat people in inferior position with respect when dealing with them

11: treat you subordinates in exactly the same way as your superiors.

12: avoid making the point if being the boss, and treat others as equals.

13: show as excellent communication and the one who can motivate the team.

14: participate with vigour to help the team achieve a specific goal.

15: feel that you are well-respected and held in good opinion by the team.

16: show impartiality in respect of colour, religion, nationality, or gender.

17: accept the opinions of the other, even when they differ from your own.

18: you must be impartial when awarding prizes and promotion.

19: endeavour to help the group stick together during a crisis.

20: choose between speed and perfection, depending on the situation.

21: you must be demonstrate deep knowledge of your area of expertise.

22: involve yourself in situations only when your intervention is required.

23: perform better than your staff if you have to replace someone temporarily.

24: clearly distinguish between what is urgent and what is important.

25: concentrate less on small details and give more time to important matters.

26: show that u are a creative person who is always change-orientated.

27: promote creative and innovative so that people feel free to suggest ideas.

28: choose the right people as far as your is team is concerned.

29: make excellent use of the financial resources at your disposal.

30: make sure that training are relate matter are properly.


Now that you have completed this self assignment, add up  total score, and check your performances by reading the corresponding evaluation. Whatever level of success you have achieved in leading people,  it is important to remember that there is always room for improvement.

Hope This article helps, to  the leaders around the world

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