Today I am writing about Atidium (ATD) which I came across as I was researching cryptocurrency debit cards. Atidium is a payment and budget management decentralized application (DApp) for individuals and businesses. I will focus on the payment system, particularly the advantages of the debit card, in this post and follow up with another post where I will look into the budget management system in more detail.

My focus, as I said earlier, is cryptocurrency debit cards. Most are quite impractical to use on a day-to-day basis because they have larger fees than a traditional debit card (especially in the UK where transactions are free) due miner/gas fees for every transaction – this will soon add up! So that basically rules out all Etherium and Bitcoin debit cards due to transaction costs.

I took my search over to the EOS network as with fast and free transactions it seems the ideal opportunity for a cryptocurrency debit card. Of course I wasn’t the only one to see the excellent opportunity that EOS presented and there I found Aditium. The ATD debit card really does outshine the other cryptocurrency debit cards with some excellent features not found with any other cryptocurrency debit cards. Also the ATD DApp means you don’t necessarily need a physical debit card as you can make payments using your phone via the DApp.

The ATD token is the cryptocurrency that is / will be traded on the exchanges ( and are the first exchanges to list it at the time of this article being published – more will follow as ATD was airdropped recently on major exchanges like Binance). Cryptocurrencies are notoriously volatile and therefore not ideal for day-to-day transactions – one day the value might be up 10% and the next day the value might be down 20%. ATD have overcome this problem of volatility by introducing another token called ATD Cash. You can lock ATD Cash into the fiat money of your choice at the current exchange rate. If the price then fluctuates for the worse you have not suffered. Of course this means that if the price increases you miss out on some potential profit but if you are using the ATD DApp then you are doing so to save money and not make money. You can always leave a percentage in ATD as an investment if you so wish. The ATD Cash token will not be tradable on any exchange so will not be able to leave the DApp unless spent or converted back into ATD which can then be traded.

With that explained it brings me on to the next part which caught my attention. When travelling abroad you always get hit with expensive exchange rates and fees whether exchanging cash or using your debit/credit card which all add up over time. Also you are usually left with some foreign currency which you either waste on buying anything and everything in the airport, exchange back (usually at a loss) or it’s left to gather dust at the bottom of a drawer. With the ATD DApp you can easily change ATD Cash from one fiat money to another with minimal fees, so once back home you could exchange back to your home nation’s fiat money or to ATD. This will also be extremely useful if you are travelling to more than one country – when you leave one country to travel to the next you can quickly and easily change it in the DApp – removing the need to carry around several different countries’ currencies while travelling! This really will be a globe-trotters best DApp to own and they will save a considerable amount of money over the years.

These features alone are enough to convince me that this is definitely a project to watch and this is without taking into account the fantastic budget managing system which I will explore in more detail in my next post. At present the project is in an early stage – the launch of the DApp and debit card is not until March 2019. Now is your chance to stock up on ATD before it goes live!

It seems a solid project with a good team behind it. They have an active presence on their Telegram channel ( and are always happy to answer any questions. I also suggest visiting their website to learn more – their videos are also well worth a watch (

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