Atidium is the second EOS airdrop i will be giving a brief overview so people can quickly understand the basics of all these airdrops.

Atidium is tokenising a money management app for mobile phones. What problem they are trying to solve? Today the world is a complicated place, with all the bills and expenses we have to pay its getting harder to manage. Atidium is trying to solve this by making an easy to use dapp which you can set your own smart contract up thanks to the underlying blockchain technology.

How it works?

After downloading and signing up you have to purchase the Atidium tokens or if you have held EOS you will have some in your EOS wallet, then you can color code , label and group them how you want making it easier for you to see what money is going where. You can also set up smart contracts with friends, family and business Eg you want to give your kids some money for there birthday but you don’t want them to blow it all at once, you can set a smart contract up that blocks the use of the money for a chosen amount of time. This is one of many example of smart contracts you can check more of them out on the white paper HERE

Token value problem

To use Atidium you need to convert your money to tokens this might be a problem for some as the value can go up and down so they have the option to convert your ATD tokens to ATD cash which locks in the price. You then can convert to your native currency at anytime.

Token Supply

Other functions

Atidium well have an AI function that will learn your spending habit and help you better manage your funds. They also are in negotiations with major payment processors to have a credit card that will be usable around the world.


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This is not professional financial advice please do your own research before making any investments.

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