Students and Youth who were members of PAS (Pemuda Atjeh Seurantau) last night held a meeting on the terrace of the Tambun Selatan-Bekasi Children’s Magazine (@majalahsahabat), some time ago. Besides discussing the future of PAS and Aceh in general. PAS through @amriadits also discussed the development of Steemit in Aceh.

During the meeting, there was also a discussion about the APBA, LGBT in Aceh and also about scholarships that had no hope in Aceh. “Beasiswa hana peu harap bak pemerintah, nyan cit hana aju. Adak na pih kabeh di Pemda, paling ji bie keu saudara dan yang toe-toe ngoen awak nyan. Lage awak tanyoe boh pane na. Jadi hana peu harap aju, beasiswa dari pemerintah, lon selama kuliah di Malang meu sikhan tanna deuh beasiswa nyan, suah kujak meukat catering untuk biaya kuliah. Meunan cit awak droe neuh yang hinoe, peugot usaha aju keudroe. ” explained Husaini, a graduate of UMM Malang.

In responding to Husaini’s statement, I offered Steemit to Acehnese youth and students as a group. On this occasion I explained that steemit produces, even if it is only a sideline. To be successful in Steemit, we have to find out things to do and things that are forbidden. There are many unwritten restrictions on Steemit and vice versa.

In the beginning, Steemit was like coffee without sugar, but there will be sugar later if we already know exactly what Steemit is and how to get profit there. Besides that, I also discussed how to register Steemit, make posts in Steemit and others. Currently, there are only two PAS members who already have a Steemit account, namely me and Zein Boihaqi. But others will soon be on the air soon. Because last night there were already several who registered.

My hope is that with many PAS members going to Steemit, I will soon form the NSC (Nanggroe Steemit Community) Chapter Atjeh Seurantau. But that is just my imagination, depending on the agreement later if many registers and stay in Steemit.

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