Atomic Wallet is first desktop wallet allows you to buy and to sell cryptocurrencies between users without an exchange, there isn’t possibility of frauds and cheating users because the software manage these transactions with a “contract”.


Atomic swap in this moment can only be executed between Bitcoin, Litecoin and Qtum, for all other cryptocurrencies it will be possible to sell them using the two integrated exchanges in the wallet: ShapeShift and Changelly.


Atomic Wallet is currently available for Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux, and the mobile version for Android and iOS will soon be available.

Atomic Wallet supports over 300 cryptocurrencies and tokens, as in MetaMask and MyEtherWallet for new ERC20 tokens you have to add the specifics of that token manually.

Atomic Wallet will work using Atomic Wallet Coin (AWC) tokens are used as collateral for a variety of decentralized services like listing new assets in Atomic Wallet, listing new assets in Atomic swap exchange, highlights and featurings in Atomic Wallet interfaces, atomic swap usage, increasing atomic swap rating; the crowdsale will start in autumn, share a promo code to receive extra 25 AWC for every referral sign-up, you can find a promo code at the bottom of this post.

Download Atomic Wallet at the following link =>

Download the white paper here =>

Receive 25 Atomic Wallet Coin by entering the following code in the Airdrop entry: RCKRV

Atomic Wallet bounty campaign =>

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  1. Yanika

    Hi @taurus1983!

    I like the article, the content, the pics, the set up, and of course the info sharing with us.
    Question: How do you think, what is the best crypto wallet having the same similar to Atomic Wallet?
    I need to do my due diligence, and if I get convinced to be useful for me for sure I will then use your referral link for that.

    1. njappboy

      I’m personally not a fan of these provider integrated applications that are driven by referrals. Continued application development will greatly fall off over time if the referral model doesn’t require continued usage of the atomic swap application specifically. If the ShapeShift and Changelly signups through the application in the early adoption phase of the movement generate so much recurring income from these new users to ShapeShift and Changelly from outside of the atomic swap application then there is reduced incentive to continue its development. Granted, for a closed sourced application there is an opportunity to sell the application to another business.

      There are quite a few projects using atomic swap technology. Real innovation happen with the Komodo team in 2017-2018 (credit to their team and jl777).
      BarterDex for example is very robust and supports a large majority of tokens:
      Here are the statistics:
      This platform needs more liquidity to be successful imho.

      Here is a UI being developed and integrated with BarterDex:

      It also has privacy at its core with KMD (zcash) as its base currency and jumbler abilities. I have not reviewed the current fee structure but I’m assuming it is still in KMD and that is done as part of the atomic swap.

      This space is moving very fast.
      I would love to see links to other projects offering atomic swap functionality. Please remember it isn’t ‘atomic swap’ when there is counter-party risk during the transaction.