There are some exciting airgrab available. Make sure you subscribe to all of them. These are gambling or betting token which are given at free of cost.

Since these platform are run in EOS given the high TPS the working is very efficient 

  1. Bet DICE :

Bet DICE is an online gambling platform similar to bet dice which attracted lot of attention

You can earn following rewards

  • 1000 DICE token on sign up using scatter
  • 2000 DICE token on registration through telegram : ( Make 1 Transaction worth 1 EOS , send the Transaction id to the telegram bot)
  • Lucky Draw faucet : Chance to win 0.0005 EOS to 50 EOS
  • Profit sharing i.e dividend share depending on the DICE token held (not yet enabled)

2. DEOS Games (

This airgrab is based of 25 May snapshot. If you were holding EOS on genesis snapshot you will be eligible for the airgrab.


1:1 airdrop just on signing up using scatter into the game

3. My EOS Vegas (

It has several gambling game’s under it. As of now the Card Game Jacks or Better is live.


  • Sign up using scatter to claim 100 MEW token
  • Dividend Claim (in Future)

4. EOS Royale (

It is the once of the most exciting game i have seen. It is a real world casino game.

Rewards :

Get 10000 ROY token on making first transaction

5. EOS Se7ens (

There are lot of controversy surrounding the code involved behind. However still you claim free airgrab using the scatter.


10,000 SEVEN Token will be awarded as soon you sign up using the scatter

Thank…….  Best of luck . For free token in EOS stay tuned. Hopefully we will receiving more such airdrops.

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