No destiny, no obstacle whatsoever can alter the firm resolve of a truly determined soul”, I’m sorry I over exaggerated because a force from within can actually do alter the firm resolve of a determined soul, this is the force of your personal attitude.

The difference between where you are sitting and where you could be sitting could be your attitude. Let me say the way your attitude is managed is the room number of your destiny, there are a lot of rooms you can choose to be in but your attitude is like the hotel service who directs you to one that fits you.

Studying Greatness around the world regardless of their color, ethnicity, belief and religion, it’s just as if they are from the same mother who has taught them the same things… They have it in common some attitudes which wouldn’t have been just a coincidence. These attitudes can definitely get you somewhere. So I’ve summarized these into three aspects viz:


Great people has a whole lot of know on their highest priorities, their greatest know value is “knowing that they can”; belief in self. I want to think that it is this know that has released an adrenaline which works together with the outside world to bring them results. You don’t understand? knowing you can when there is almost no clue or an agreeing / encouraging sign is the biggest know towards achievement, this helps you to think only towards possibilities even in the midst of utter alterations, it sends a signal to the universe to help you propel to a level which scales whatever hurdle in front of you, everything else works accordingly as to what you know. I’d quote Henry Ford when he said “if you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re right!”.

They know a lot: Knowledge is an indispensable tool towards greatness. Great minds know the value of knowledge they won’t call any little. The saying “what you don’t know can’t kill you” might be true as honestly you don’t have to be dead when what you don’t know can make you a walking corpse, zombie.

One of the most tactical instrument of the United States of America is knowing their enemy, I was opportune to see a documentary of how the notorious Osama Bin Laden was taken down, the United States agent has been around in disguise for a good period to know their enemy environment, to know the daily activities, to know the system, to know the people, to know the ways which leads them to knowing how best to deal an attack blow on their enemy, and when the attack blow was dealt, it just didn’t miss, notorious and brave Osama was taken down, defenseless! Tell you what? You can’t defeat an opponent (I decided not to use enemy, opponent can be friendlier or deadlier, could be a person,circumstance or goal) you barely (I decided not to use don’t, it’s too much to be underrated) know!

To get anywhere, you must know where you’re going, this aids you to know your hows, to know what to ask, to know what to do, to know your coordinates.

Know your strength, build on it

Know your weaknesses, improve it

Know your God, talk to him,

Know your self, believe in you.

The most successful people at trades know when to trade, when to deal and when to stop they don’t gamble they know! You must know!

Not knowing where you’re going makes every direction a path, every direction a path won’t get you anywhere remarkable.

Know the direction of the wind, it might save your sail-

Francis Adelaja.

Strive for knowledge, it doesn’t waste. It won’t. Your Vision is a known destination.


Great men acted!

While the fog still covers the day and everyone else is sealed indoors, great men went.

While the enemy rants and the warriors shivered, great men fought.

While the city lazed in glam, great men worked,

While the land is all dry and there was no well to drink from, great men dug.

While the chances was just too slim, great men still dared.

While we think of what to do, great men deals.

While the men sleeps and snores, great men paced.

While the land had its first rains, great men planted.

While there is no known solution or direction, great men asked.

While people needs to follow a path, great men led.

While critics mock in realistic disbelief, great men did.

While the odds are reasonably doubted, great men gave.

While the city frowns, great men smiled.

While everyone was exhausted and would just give up, great men stood.

During the uproar in cheers and disbelief, great men emerged.

According to Science, the law of aerodynamics, the weight of the bumblebee shouldn’t fly, according to the law of the bumblebee, the heights of air isn’t a threat. The bumblebee just flies.

Belief, courage, determination, focus, perseverance, total positiveness etc cannot be underestimated as you dare to be great.

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  1. TRUTH(@i-am)

    Very nice. The modern Christians may not profess it, but the “FAITH” in the bible is exactly that,,,, you have been provided EVERYTHING, you can move mountains, provided you don’t hang out in the valley of the shadow of death (walking zombies – living dead – the un-awake).

    But we have to be careful, “GREATNESS” as remembered in history or in “others eyes” is not that high of an achievement (see Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs ). The real achievement is learning not to be a SLAVE to ones desires (which is also how others can enslave you). Of course the other GREAT SPIRITUAL ACHIEVEMENT is exactly what your talking about: TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHERE YOU ARE AT, AND MAKE THE CHANGES YOU FEEL WOULD BE MOST BENEFICIAL (for ALL) – NEVER GIVE UP.

    (link to Spiritualit & Life: )