I love this time of year when there is bright sunny day’s and low humidity, we are leaving the heat and humidity behind. I like to go to state parks and go hiking all day. I will usually hike 15-20 miles a day. I do this quite frequently in the fall. It’s my favorite season of the year. I like the vibrant colors of the leaves, and the golden color of praire grass meadows that mix in with the forests. As i walk through the woods I will some time run across white tail deer, turkey, pheasant and grouse, not to mention squirrels gathering nuts for the winter ahead.

The forests have a stillness to them. The towering trees, and the smell of a campfire nearby is what I smell when I walk through the woods. I see people around the campfire eating and just relaxing sharing good times. I remember when i was growing up on the farm, and autumn is when we would go out and cut firewood for the winter ahead. I cut oak, birch, and hard maple for the winter ahead. This is how we for the most part heated are house while i was growing up. I grew up on 180 acre tree farm in Minnesota. I know you are wondering what trees we grew and it was primarily evergreens and some red oak trees also, we also had a stand of apple trees, probably around three dozen trees.

I wonder how autumn is for other people in the world? I am grateful to experience such a beautiful time of the year. I think that people need to sometimes slow down take a walk in the woods and let nature and the environment speak to you. I think it has something for all of us to be grateful for and treasure in life. The natural beauty of the woods in the fall will be the antidote you just might be looking for. Find your bliss!

Autumn In The Woods

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