Balancing the comprehensive and tensional forces in one’s career has never been easy, but throwing managing a relationship into the mix of managing a career, throws the whole scenario no were but outside the RADAR. This utterly feels like you are taking a journey in 2 opposite directions at the same time. Who wouldn’t love to forgo a long and hectic day at work for a German quality time with their love one? That’s obviously a rhetorical question because the answer is unarguably “NO ONE”!

I decided to pen down this article particularly to help people understand that having a strong and healthy relationship doesn’t necessarily means there will be sort of impediment on your occupational goals. Now you are probably wondering:


So here are some tips to help you manage your love life and career effectively.

1. COMPARTMENTALIZE: firstly you have to realize that relationship and career are like 2 discrepant vector quantities. You need to resolve them analytically with respect to their order of magnitude. So in order to keep them both going at equal momentum, you have to keep them separate. This simply means that when you find yourself in your work place, give your undivided attention to the task at hand, and lock relation matter away in a box right inside your heart. Don’t let your love life be a distraction to your career, instead let your time at work be a moment of creativity free from all kinds of external unbalanced forces (love life). You can spend some quality time with your loved one after work.

2. PRIORITIZE: it’s a known fact that sometimes life forces us to put more weight on one aspect of life than the other, the priority shift can sometimes means foregoing one goal in exchange for the other! So the decision you make here is solely yours to make.

3. SPEND SOME TIME WITH YOUR LOVED ONE AND LET THEM KNOW WHAT GOES ON IN YOUR DAILY LIFE ENDEAVOUR : people often say “communication is key to every successful relation”. I’m not indifferent about this statement. You need to learn to spend some moment of solitude with your loved one whenever you get the chance to. Go have dinner together, take a trip to “WAKANDA LAND” if need be, let them know about your fears and worries, as well as your goal and aspirations. A true partner will always help you achieve your goals!

Thanks you for taking your time to read and hope you find this article helpful in unifying your career and love life. always check back for great articles like this

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  1. Zeus69

    Personally, if the person you are having a relationship can share in your carer in a way of communication and understanding the importance of your career and the same the other way then you can have an amazing relationship that integrates the Love for you and your career. Just my opinion.
    A career is a big part of you life so why not share your experiences and difficulties surrounding it.
    Thank you for sharing, and keep em coming Mary.
    Mark (Zeus69)