Yesterday I showed case how I rendered the EOS logo with my personal rendering parameters

Today I will show you the basic fundamentals of how my render operates on any giving image

I will make this as simple as I possibly can by choosing a very simple image of a block as you can see below

The black block is set at tonality=100% while the rest is set to white or equal to 0% tonality thus getting the rendering as shown in image c)

These are the basic fundamentals of my renderings and it goes from simple object like in this case a square to more complex and detailed one like a Monalisa portrait as you can see below in image d)

This technique I like so much because it is very simple and still looks so complex because of the amount of lines used in the process which is overwhelming to the eyes yet pleasing because it follow the contour of the object in consideration thus giving that feeling of composure and balance something that is very well noticeable in nature and among all kinds of animal and beings

It seems to me that the only race that tends to disrupt that balance is the our, the human race

That is why I make this art, that is why I love block chain because I see in it as a recall to that lost mother nature feeling that we used to have not so long ago

We abuse of our planet like there is no tomorrow, we lost it, somehow along the way

A balance is due to happen, when and how is not important but it will, someday

Until then I will keeping my art and my hopes high with a Monalisa smile on my face, 🙂

I realized I should have set a higher amount of lines for the Monalisa but that’s ok, you get the idea…tell me if you wanna see it made in the comments below

Thanks for reading!

a) original image-black block
b) 0-100% tonalities
c) Rendered image

d) MonaLisa

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