Hi, trybe friend, again I did a review of the game that I played, even though my writing was not perfect, but I still review the review of a game titled, “Battlefield”.

Battlefield always has a special place in the hearts of gamers. But as opposed to Battlefield 1 which received a positive response and so much hype at the beginning of its introduction,

Whereas in this paper I summarize “Battlefield V” but the Battlefield series that you have known all this time, complete with single-player mode which will now take you to the various frontlines of the second world war. Three different stories from three different lines are built on the basis of experiences similar to Battlefield 1, but now carry the semi-open-world sensation which is more intense than fighting from one corridor to another. With each character now equipped with a pair of binoculars to mark a variety of important things, you like enjoying the Far Cry series but in the perspective of the warriors of the second world war. This more open world scheme gives you the opportunity to complete the various missions that exist according to what you want, even stealth.

But the most important and greatest of a Battlefield series is always a matter of large-scale fighting in its fantastic multiplayer mode. Successfully recording and implementing lots of feedback from the beta that must be admitted, feels like a nightmare, multiplayer now feels much better even when peppered with a variety of new features that are injected. We are talking about team collaboration which now has a more important role, a bullet system and limited health, a class role that is now clearer and indeed has a significant influence in combat, and without any more limited system resource coercion that had become a nightmare in the beta. Battle with vehicles in large zones, from inner cities, suburban villages, to dry deserts with so many tanks.

There were a lot of things wrong in the beta that ended up being repaired by DICE in this final version and ended up being a comfortable Battlefield battle. The presence of new features such as Fortifying now allows classes such as Support to have a greater contribution to change the course of the battle even though they don’t have to fight. He also became a new strategy that could change the course of the battle. As an example? Taking the time to arrange sandbags and iron wire fences on an Aerodrome map, especially when closing the two big doors of the hangar in point C will make your action last far more effective than just letting it open.

And of course, it’s impossible to talk about Battlefield V without talking about “Ray-tracing” technology which is now available on the PC version. The same reason why we chose this version for the preview and review process later. With RTX 2080Ti technology in the hands and other “innards” of existing PCs, we tested DXR technology for the first time, available for the gaming industry. Then all the screenshots that you enjoy below already use the technology. We even deliberately “took pictures” of some scenes that were focused on that. We are also interested in talking about how appropriate this technology is to be pursued in a later review article.

While waiting for a more proportional time to review, let us throw a myriad of fresh from oven screenshots below to help you get an idea of what Battlefield V has to offer, especially on PCs. This is a large scale war that is ready to make your eyes spoiled.

That’s enough, greetings to everyone. by @munamaqfirah

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