We lately had fight over fork of Bitcoin Cash aka BCH where there was two parties – Roger Ver/Jihan going for BCH ABC and Craig Wright going for BCH SV.

They started a hash war to check which chain gets faster and wins the block fight leaving the other forked. To the last moment we didnt know who has more power but currently, most of big exchanges decided – BCH goes for ABC camp and BSV becomes BSV.

The first exchange to take such action was Bittrex and there was nice profits to arbitrage BCHABC from Binance with BCH on Bittex.

I have shared this as a tip on my Discord Trading Group that you can join.

Of course later on we had same tricks on BSV when Bittrex opened trading.

Currently BCH tickers for Bitcoin Cash ABC version belongs to them on Coinbase, Bittrex, Kraken, Bitstamp and some smaller exchanges. The top one exchange in the world – Binance said it will not give BCH ticker to anyone for now (or possibly forever) the coins there are BCHABC and BCHSV which may make confusion or let you make arbitrages when nobody notices.

One thing about the fork, these symbol names will stay. Binance will not support changing of trading symbols later. If anyone asks for it later, let’s refer them back to this tweet. Said CZ the CEO of Binance exchange on Twitter.

For the reasons about this naming he said later on, also on Twitter which he loves as way of communication Less possibility of confusion with bitcoin now. Worth to note that until that Bitcoin Cash traded there as BCC which was confusing with a scam project BitConnect. Binance really doesn’t like to change tickers after the first add., Example of this is BQX which is now called Ethos everywhere.

Currently most exchanges opened deposits of BCH (ABC!) and BSV but please double check the naming before sending anything. Im sure there will be some problems for some time and confusions.

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