Binance, one of the world’s largest crypto currencies with transaction volume, today announced that BTC will support the Hard Cash (BCH). Hard fork block size from 8MB to 32MB Bitcoin Cash chain base upgrade. The upgrade allows an increase in the number of transactions and the speed of transactions. Hard Fork brought a lot of changes to Bitcoin Cash and his wallet. However, the investor could not meet expectations and demands.

Binance will support Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard tackle

Binance made the following statement on the official website:

Binance wants to announce his support for the upcoming Bycoin Cash hard field. 1542300000 at Unix time, 15.11.2018 at 4:40:00 (UTC) we will receive all Bitcoin cash balances. Deposit and withdrawal of Bitcoin Cash will be suspended from 3:00 pm (UTC) on 15.11.2013. Please leave sufficient time before this time to fully process the deposit. We will address all technical requirements for all users holding Bitcoin Cash in their Binance accounts.

Binance made the following statement about restarting the operations after hard fork:

When we open Bitcoin Cash again to deposit and withdraw, we will explain again to you.

Bitcoin Cash price rises after Binance Support

Many crypto money traders stated that after hard forward, Bitcoin Cash would replace Ripple. However, even before Hard forward, Bitcoin Cash had a market value close to ripple. At the same time, Ripple’s third market value. he was about to get the line. After hard forward, Bitcoin Cash 3. and the price of BHC has entered the trend of decline over time. However, after Binance’s hard fork support, things seem to be turning around.

Bitcoin Cash rose sharply after Binance announced that he would support the hardball. According to CoinMarketCap data, the price of Bitcoin Cash was 7% in approximately 2 hours and the price was up to $ 456. Bitcoin Cash is trading for $ 452, with an increase of 6.8% during the spelling process. Krypto money is currently the fourth market value of $ 7.9 billion. he’s in line. The majority of Bitcoin Cash trading is currently managed by the Bithumb exchange.

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