When the news of the new Bitcoin Cash hard forku spread on the market, BCH’s prices on large stock markets began to show brutal increases. However, the stock markets and platforms supporting BCH were in the middle of the dilemma and they had to make a decision: should Hard Fork be supported? However, it seems that Binance has decided recently that he has announced his support for the new hard fork. Coinbase followed this and now Poloniex also announced its support.

Bitcoin Cash hard forku will undergo a protocol update on November 15, 2018

On the Btcoin Cash network, there will be a protocol upgrade on November 15. There are two sides fighting over the Bitcoin Cash network features. One of them is Jihan Wu, the founder of Bitmain, and Craig Wright from nChain. This hard fork emerged because of the supremacy of both bands. They are not happy with the current version because of the blockchain’s capacity.

But now that time has passed and after the support announcements of Binance, Coinbase and Ledge, Poloniex also joined Bitcoin Cash’s hard tackle. The stock market has announced support via Twitter. Binance announced on November 2 that he gave full support to Btcoin Cash hard forkuna planned for November 15:

Binance wants to announce his support for the upcoming Bycoin Cash hard field. 1542300000 at Unix time, 15.11.2018 at 4:40:00 (UTC) we will receive all Bitcoin cash balances. Deposit and withdrawal of Bitcoin Cash will be suspended from 3:00 pm (UTC) on 15.11.2013. Please leave sufficient time before this time to fully process the deposit. We will address all technical requirements for all users holding Bitcoin Cash in their Binance accounts.

BCH prices rising with big stock exchanges that support hard strike

The statement means that the stock market will suspend all the funds and that the hard fork will be withdrawn an hour before the proposed time. On November 3, Coinbase, the largest crypto currency exchange for users, announced its support for BCH hard forku:

Coinbase will oversee the hard drive that will take place on November 15 to minimize transaction downtime for users. In addition, the hard fork will be provided to comply with the safety standards set by Coinbase. Once the upgrade is complete, we will take the appropriate steps, including evaluating the network and re-enabling the shipping and receiving. We will inform our customers about the outcome of the upgrade process and after the network has reached consensus.

Now, with big stock markets that support hard strikers, BCH prices rise by 25%. We hope fork brings good news for the crypto community.

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