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Good day Bitcoiners!

Happy to have the page up an running here. Be sure to see the latest episode of BCN Crypto Kickoff.

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Top Stories

For news last week the big story that we had on the site was…

November 5 Bank of America Secures Tamper-Proof Blockchain Patent

CryptoShoutOut to‏ @BitcoinNewsCom for their article in our Twitter feed.

The bank 2nd to Morgan Chase, B of A, “reluctantly” enters the crypto market with a new storage patent. However, BofA has been working on blockchain tech for years now, they just have not embraced cryptocurrencies. The patent itself encapsulates private keys from hackers with sensors that can recognize an attack and respond to it.

November 6 #SEC to Issue Simplified #Crypto Guidelines!

CryptoShoutOut to Traders Profit Club‏‏ for their article in our Twitter feed.

The SEC will announce it new guideline about designating crypto securities. This is more like a Tron move saying they are going to make an announcement about an announcement. This is largely related to ICOs and their promotional statements and to give a view of how their iron fist will be applying crypto regulations. If you are promoting how much value your token will produce you will almost certainly make it a security. The recommendation is go the Binance route and just focus on what your project does, peoples recognition of it abilities will give it value and maintain its utility.

November 8 BAT is now live at

CryptoShoutOut to Coinbase‏ for their article in our Twitter feed.

It finally happened for BAT, it is listed on Coinbase. They have been touting a more accessible future for new token on the platform and this is one of the initial 5 that they announced some time back. It is looking very promising for those tokens that are being considered. So, if someone has heard that a token is in the running it might be a good time to add them to a portfolio.

November 8 #China lifts #Bitcoin ban: “Individuals and businesses can now own #Cryptocurrencies legally”

CryptoShoutOut to Crypto Rand‏ for their article in our Twitter feed.

Bitcoin (BTC) is now recognized as a legal asset to be owned, transferred and utilized as a medium of payment for goods and services in China as decreed by the Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration after ordering the Bitcoin ban in 2017. This is an AWESOME action that helps open mass adoption in China. As more become savvy of bitcoin we can only expect a big influx of users.

November 3 Upcoming Bitcoin Cash #BCH Hard Fork on Nov-15 All You Need to Know!

CryptoShoutOut to CriptoCanarias for their article in our Twitter feed.

No matter what people thought are on Bitcoin Cash it is a money maker surging 32% last week ahead of this fork. The fork is based on some dispute upgrades to the chain and both will be supported by the larger exchanges as well as be available to holders. You can check out this article for the details, the broad strokes are that it is disputed even within the Bcash camp and will make money for holders.

Todays Stories

For our stories of the day be sure to check out out or our Twitter feeds @BCN_education and @BTCcrypto_news where we aggregate top stories from around the internet.

If there is a story you think I have missed let me know and we can do some follow up on it.

BCN 1 Minute With…

Normally, Everyday we showcase a coin for you to further expand your knowledge of different cryptos with our 1 Minute With series which as the name suggest is a 1 minute video of a coin. Be sure to catch up on that.

We did not have any due to my car taking a dive on me and other technical difficulties. So please check out the archive of past coins to find ones that deserve more research on your part.

Bitcoiners of SWFL Meeting

Will be meeting Thursday December 6th. Just find the group “Bitcoiners of Southwest Florida” and join to get up to date. You can also get info through our facebook groups.

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