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For news last week the big story that we had on the site was…

November 12 The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) puts decentralized exchanges on notice.

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The SEC has created a cyber unit that is looking into our crypto space and holding DEXs responsible for the activities of the code that runs the exchange. Specifically in the case of EtherDelta malicious code managed to steal $60M.

November 13 Rogue Crypto Trader Joseph Kim Gets 15 Months Prison, $1.146 Million Restitution Order
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This guy is a high level scammer, although not the type that we regularly promising great returns if you give them a little btc. This guy was a licensed trader in the futures markets that just straight up lied and stole his firms money and them clients money. Great to see that somebody is being held accountable. We as a community need to protect noobs from the new age scammers and hyip site pushers.

November 13 Swiss State Secretary: Standards Not Regulation Will Boost Crypto Market –
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This approach is more fluid and determines basic standard operating procedures. Regulations are pretty rigid while a standard can easily adapt and they plan on doing this through their country’s exchange. The overall goal for them is to make the regulations cooperative instead of punitive, which restricts innovation.

November 13 Brazil Gets First Crypto Investment Fund Following Securities Commission Ruling
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This is a great lead in for the eventual inclusion of cryptocurrencies into legacy markets. It is actually a mix of cryptocurrencies and treasury bonds, not exactly what we would expect, but its a start. People aren’t able to trade specific coins, crypto makes up 20% of the mix.

Todays Stories
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BCN 1 Minute With…
Normally, Everyday we showcase a coin for you to further expand your knowledge of different cryptos with our 1 Minute With series which as the name suggest is a 1 minute video of a coin. Be sure to catch up on that.
We did not have any due to my car taking a dive on me and other technical difficulties. So please check out the archive of past coins to find ones that deserve more research on your part.

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